6 keys to succeed in the digital world from the expert and guru of influencers Lina Cáceres

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6 keys to succeed in the digital world from the expert and guru of influencers Lina Cáceres


This article was translated from our Spanish edition the expend of AI applied sciences. Errors might maybe merely exist as a consequence of this course of. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their come by.

10 years ago, most of us had simplest been the expend of Fb for a couple of years, we non-public been origin to treasure Twitter , and we had barely heard that there was a photo app known as Instagram . On the opposite hand, at that time some saw the chance of social networks , began to analyze them from their roots and chanced on the very most inviting ways to seize profit of them.


One in every of them was Lina Cáceres , who is now an skilled in the digital world and a proper guru in increasing on-line solutions for manufacturers and influencers. As portion of her participation in the Formative years Economic Discussion board Restartness digital event, the specialist shared some guidelines to reach this field.

“As of late’s world teaches us that it is no longer passable to seem for a diploma, that we step by step non-public to obtain unique files and spot the dynamics of how all the pieces is altering. That is why this dialogue board was created as a platform for dialogue between young folks to focus on financial, cultural, political, emotional and social disorders, ” says the speaker and spokesperson for the event.

It is an initiative of the World Economic Discussion board and Restartness , the platform of the Mexican Regina Carrot , considered one of potentially the most prominent advise creators in the digital world.

“After the pandemic, the realm modified and it was factual to compose a discipline to present young folks unique instruments and elevate them success tales that they’ll observe in their lives to non-public a greater future,” explains Lina about the dialogue board, which is ready to design extra than 30 audio system between businessmen, Olympic medalists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, consultants and digital marketing and marketing and assorted personalities.

“The design is to join with experiences, present precious files, focus on how the digital world has been disruptive and the most effective seemingly scheme this day requires being extra comprehensive as a human being, from feelings to labor, political and social and financial issues” , added. The conferences of the Formative years Economic Discussion board Restartness , which is ready to seize spot this November 30 and December 1, will be fully free, you appropriate non-public to register on its legitimate net spot .

– Formative years Economic Discussion board (@YEFiberoamerica) November 30, 2021

That is how a digital media skilled is trained

Lina is Founder and Vice President of Latin World Digital , Latin World Entertainment ‘s digital artist pattern, industrial and unique industry division. Created by actress Sofia Vergara and media executive Luis Balaguer, Latin WE is this day the leading Hispanic talent management and entertainment marketing and marketing firm in the US.

A journalist by profession and with extra than 17 years in the entertainment trade, Cáceres has additionally been a television producer on assorted networks. On the opposite hand, he chanced on his passion in digital media a couple of decade ago.

“I fell in treasure with the digital world attributable to I chanced on quite loads of young folks that executed a courageous phenomenon: connecting and forming communities with hundreds of thousands of oldsters globally,” Lina said in an irregular interview.

Lina Cáceres has 17 years of trip in the entertainment world and the final decade has if truth be told perfect in digital management for Latin WE, Sofía Vergara’s marketing and marketing and talent management firm.

The Latin World Digital management was among the many fundamental, if no longer the pioneer, in increasing digital marketing and marketing solutions for firms, celebrities and a nascent community of influencers .

“As a television producer, I said: ‘I must non-public 196 workplaces, one in every country, in utter to non-public the reach that these young folks non-public from their properties.’ So, I had the chance to manufacture the fundamental digital management division at Latin WE, where we relief these guys form their careers. We started working with manufacturers that made sense, shopping for lengthy-term relationships and taking them to assorted channels, equivalent to television, ” explained the executive.

Cáceres has managed to seize away his consumers from social networks and seize them to television channels equivalent to Disney Channel or NatGeo, and even to essential particular person in journal covers. Their victories are the results of their point of curiosity on “making them multiplatform and no longer appropriate count upon one social community” .

As a pioneer, Lina had the well-known job of “evangelizing manufacturers about how they work”, and explaining that “it is no longer appropriate buying posts”. The skilled choices out that sooner than, firms “non-public been very old to simplest selling merchandise, and this day folks desire the social impact that the emblem has.” That is why, Cáceres says that she was “a bridge between the unique community of creators that non-public been being born and this unique manufacture of promoting that was increasing in the digital world.”

How To Prevail In The Digital World?

This quiz is so recurrent and the solutions so various that Lina Cáceres chose it because the title for her guide How To Triumph in The Digital World’. Launched in 2020 and on hand in 7 countries, the guide modified into a bestseller for being “the abc of the digital world, it is bask in a manual that seeks to elevate folks closer to all these instruments to publicize their skills, tips or merchandise” said the creator.

The guru is convinced that “folks can get in the digital world a tool to checklist the realm their talent, their entrepreneurship or their services and products” and that “they’ll expend it as these tall digital celebrities that this day we all know as youtubers or instagramers non-public accomplished. ” .

As a sort of her presentation on the Formative years Economic Discussion board Restartness , Lina shared her six connected old guidelines to consolidate your presence on social networks, both as a firm or as a non-public tag.

1. Be clear about ‘why’ and ‘what for’.

The writer explains that it is a necessity “to treasure what they’re alive to to expend social networks for, that they’ve a design.” One in every of the fundamental fears of these that delivery in social networks for industry is to count upon the algorithms of the platforms. “We neglect that we compose the algorithm and we now non-public got to define it ourselves. It be well-known to be very clear about where we’re alive to to transfer and what we’re alive to to achieve by opening our social networks ”.

2. Style a community.

“It is no longer about going and buying followers, nonetheless about building a meaningful community of valid customers who are attracted to our advise or tag,” he little print. Basically based totally on Lina “simplest 1,000 folks are passable in utter to live off the digital community that you’re going to non-public created”, as a consequence of this truth, that must be the fundamental design in sight.

3. Bet on omnichannel.

“We’re no longer in a particular person world, nonetheless in a multi-channel world. We’re developing connection channels at all choices of contact with our possibilities, each on-line and offline ”, explains Cáceres.

“We non-public to treasure this and be prepared to compose omnichannel manufacturers or startups. That the particular person trip in social networks is replicated offline in the full channels and choices of bodily contact that you’re going to non-public with customers, to compose loyalty ”, added the skilled.

4. Be a utter, no longer an echo.

For the bestselling creator, the fundamental to developing precious advise that engages customers is figuring out what that probabilities are you’ll make contributions to your viewers.

“I continuously account for them that it is set being a utter of the platforms and no longer an echo. The non-public tag must be constructed with a actually clear design that seeks to impact. It be no longer about the selection of likes, or about getting famed. You wish to demand yourself: what attain I even non-public to focus on? What’s the one thing that simplest I even non-public to allow to construct a community? ”, Clarified the spokesperson and speaker of the Formative years Economic Discussion board Restartness.

5. It be well-known to be multitasking and self-taught.

One in every of the aspects that almost all fascinated Lina was how these that are if truth be told tall youtubers non-public been in a discipline to achieve all the pieces themselves from the origin: compose the root, organize the digital camera and lighting, edit and organize their social networks.

“It was considered one of the most very most inviting shocks I had, attributable to I am a television producer and I need an complete production crew. But they came, they did all the pieces by themselves and I said: ‘I judge the time has come to reinvent ourselves’, attributable to we must be as a lot as this point, “he said.

6. Bustle your networks bask in a industry from the starting up.

Within the event you are already clear that you’re going to expend digital channels to bolster your tag or change into an influencer, you need to treat them with professionalism. “It is key to put collectively budgets and know the appropriate scheme to manage your sources. be in a discipline to know. Be clear that on the finish of the day here’s a industry and take a look at to be attentive to the desires you are going to non-public ”.

As an example, Cáceres says that there are beginners who, in order to face out quicker or facilitate the processes, take to rent production groups, “nonetheless they expend the full cash in three months and can now no longer continue, they crawl out of fuel.”

To learn extra, join to the Formative years Economic Discussion board Restartness this November 30 and December 1. The conferences are fully free and you’re going to put a query to them appropriate by registering on their legitimate spot.

“The pandemic has appropriate came about, I judge the realm has modified a lot and in most cases we feel lost. This dialogue board is that reactivation that we must delivery 2022 with the batteries in spot. If we attain no longer delivery making strategic plans any additional, one other 300 and sixty five days will rush by without growth and we’re alive to to be prepared for all the pieces to return, ”concluded Lina Cáceres.

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