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A woman licks products in a supermarket to ‘strengthen’ her immune system: video

A woman licks products in a supermarket to ‘strengthen’ her immune system: video
August 19, 2021 ObadeYemi

She calls herself anti-vaccines.

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How would you toughen your immune system? Many purchase dietary supplements, food plot C, and foods which might maybe well be wholesome. Alternatively, there are folk that trudge to extremes and risk their health and that of others. A video has long previous viral exhibiting a lady licking merchandise from a supermarket to ‘toughen’ her immune system.

The girl identified as Jodie Meschuk by users, went to the supermarket with her son (underage), who became as soon as accountable of recording whereas the girl licked what she had in her direction, including a browsing cart, the handle of a fridge and a plastic earn .

Within the brief video, Jodie is considered spreading her germs and accompanied by phrases to serve her habits. “It is no longer laws” , “Oxygen and smiles are lifestyles” , “Microbes abet digestion” and naturally “Germs toughen your immune system, exposure builds defenses in opposition to bronchial asthma and allergic reactions” , among others.

Both the media and Cyber net users personal pushed aside the action as scandalous, since at no time does he put aside on a veil or seem to be conscious that there might be a virulent disease that’s hitting the field. She calls herself anti-vaccines.

Meschuk shared the video on his Instagram memoir to more than 17 thousand followers, minimizing the hazards of Covid. Resulting from the outrage messages, the publication became as soon as deleted and the memoir restricted, nonetheless since every part that reaches the gain stays, some rescued it and it is far found online.

Karen (Jodie Meschuk) licks meals market items to “disprove” viruses.

– Karen (@crazykarens) August 8, 2021

In step with the Day-to-day Mail , Jodie wrote a e book titled Austism Reimagined , the put she allegedly explains pointers on how to ‘reverse the diagnosis’.

This case reminds us of several that happened in the first wave of the pandemic. For instance, the influencer who licked an airport bathroom to “search if it became as soon as contagious.” It acquired infected.

And also you, what attain you deem of the video?


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