Are you ready to be a Hero Company? Participate in the second edition of the International Business Happiness Ranking

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Are you ready to be a Hero Company? Participate in the second edition of the International Business Happiness Ranking


This text turned into as soon as translated from our Spanish edition the exhaust of AI technologies. Errors could well well well exist attributable to this task.

After the success of the Rating of Heroines Firms 2020 (first edition), with extra than 300 registered firms from 12 countries, LIVE 13.5 ° , the foremost Organizational Happiness consultancy, proudly gifts the 2nd edition of the Heroines Firms World Happiness Rating 2021 , now with presence in 20 Spanish-talking countries in The United States and Europe, affirming the honest of looking out out for, organising, figuring out and empowering clear, healthy, resilient and productive firms that take into myth the emotional, non secular, physical, psychological and monetary steadiness of their staff, promoting the well-being and happiness as a strategic trace in productivity and competitiveness in hard instances.

Firms that are regarded as heroines for constantly caring for affirming the health and psychosocial safety of their collaborators, imposing marvelous actions to generate factual work environments and maintaining their organization healthy and steady, will now have the potential to enroll in the Rating, be evaluated by foremost global benchmarks and imprint a commendable place on this keen checklist worldwide.

Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Spain are the countries where this could well well well non-public a presence Rating so promising.

Nancy Martínez , same outdated director of LIVE 13.5 ° , continues as soon as but again proving to the industry world the infinity of advantages that making a bet on the happiness and well-being of its of us brings to an organization; so he decides to promote the second edition of this Rating. The Heroines Firms World Happiness Rating 2021, known by the World Happiness Foundation and Gay Work Foundation , is developed below a extra human imaginative and prescient, inspired by Organizational Happiness and reinforcing widespread values in the world of labor.

In accordance with a inquire by Harvard Exchange Evaluation and Gallup , high ranges of Happiness and Well-being support firms to be healthy, clear and resilient, having outcomes a lot like; a upward thrust of extra than 300% in innovation, 44% in sales, 31% in productivity, 37% in retention and a decrease of 44% in diseases, 51% in turnover and 125% in burnout.

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Why take part in the Empresas Heroinas 2021 World Happiness Rating?

The agencies that must participate on this Rating are these that enforce systems to tackle the well-being of their collaborators and withhold their organization steady; these that positively affect society with diversified initiatives to make a contribution to a bigger world; of us who adapt fleet, positively and creatively to interchange; and these employer manufacturers that proceed to be a benchmark for folk who strive and search out work.

The company that manages to be ranked with the foremost place could be the recipient of a scholarship for two of us in the Detrimental Global Happiness on the United Nations College for Peace in Costa Rica; and the World Happiness Foundation will award him the World Happiness Award. Besides to the physical recognition and seal of “Heroine Firm” that is moreover awarded to firms that are ranked.

What makes the Heroines Firms 2021 World Happiness Rating diversified is that any company can participate right here (despite the assortment of staff they’ve, the amount they invoice per year, the country of origin and the line of industry they remark), the trace of Registration is very accessible, they in finding now not seem to be a monopoly, they’ve auditors someday of their evaluation task, they all receive a diagnosis and the jury profiles they’ve are expedient and known worldwide, for this second edition extra Hero Hunters than they’ll review the registered firms.

It needs to be remembered that the Hero Hunters that enhance this initiative are CEOs of AAA firms, global consultants, well-known teachers, presidents of Human Resources associations and scientific experts of happiness, a high-stage global jury.

The evaluation task conducted by this Rating will proceed to contain 4 phases:

  1. Ballot
  2. Evidence
  3. Pitch
  4. Validation of outcomes by the Jury (Hero Hunters)

The evaluation is conducted by the Gay Work Foundation , who are a world benchmark in analysis on organizational well-being, they’ll be to blame of guaranteeing the scientific and methodological rigor of the scale.

18 categories associated to organizational demands and labor sources are these that will be evaluated to establish the vulnerability index to psychosocial possibility and the Organizational Happiness index of each company that decides to enroll in the Rating.

December 15 of the unique year is the closing date for registrations; the following months the prognosis task will most certainly be conducted (which have to exceed the minimal compulsory share of 66%); and in May possibly maybe 2021 we could well well well have the potential to understand the final outcomes, the names of the heroine firms.

To register for the Rating, nominate a company or learn extra about this spacious initiative, we recommend you talk over with:

We invite you to effect up for this not possible Company Heroines 2021 World Happiness Rating and make a contribution to the adoption of a culture of well-being and organizational happiness, recognizing and valuing the importance of human capital. And your organization… is it a Heroin Firms?

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