Data Visualization: Tips and Examples to Inspire You

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Data Visualization: Tips and Examples to Inspire You


It is no secret that files would possibly also moreover be very extremely advantageous — in the event you’re going to be ready to indubitably designate what it be telling you, that is.

It is great to acquire obvious takeaways by a slew of numbers and stats. It is wanted to luxuriate in the guidelines presented in a logical, easy-to-designate approach so that you just’re going to be ready to practice your learnings in an efficient approach. That is the set files visualization comes in.

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Listed here, we will provide you relevant ways to make certain your files visualization is advantageous, and provide examples for inspiration alongside the approach.

What is files visualization?

Data visualization enables you to put together files in a approach that is each and each compelling and straight forward to digest.

It is about representing files in a visual context, similar to a chart or a plot, to relieve anybody viewing it greater designate the significance of that files.

How does files visualization work?

Whereas files shared through textual instruct material would possibly also moreover be confusing (now not to demonstrate bland), files represented in a visual structure can relieve other folks extract that approach from that files extra fleet and with out complications.

Data visualization enables you to expose patterns, trends, and correlations that can per chance also merely in every other case toddle undetected, too.

Static vs. Interactive Data Visualization

Data visualization would possibly also moreover be static or interactive. For centuries, other folks had been using static files visualization like charts and maps.

Interactive files visualization is moderately of bit more moderen: It lets other folks drill down into the soiled slight print of these charts and graphs using their pc systems and cell gadgets, and then interactively alternate which files they discover and the contrivance it be processed.

Time Sequence Visualization

Besides to static and interactive files visualization, you would possibly want to per chance also merely moreover hear the term time series visualization. Time series visualization is what it sounds like — visuals that observe files, or performance, over a time frame.

Here is wanted on fable of a significant cause why other folks wish to focal level on files visualization is to demonstrate changes in variables over time.

Time Sequence Data Visualization Examples

There are many ways to make exercise of time-series files visualization — you’re going to be taught extra about these below, nonetheless here’s a handy guide a rough listing to present you a nearer working out of which visuals are regarded as time series visuals.

  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Spot chart
  • Bullet graph

Data Visualization Most advantageous Practices

While figuring out how you’re going to visualize your files, one of the first things you’re going to wish to enact is establish the next finest practices in mind.

  1. Resolve the suitable visible to your files and its reason.
  2. Make certain your files is with out complications understandable and viewable.
  3. Offer wanted context to your target market in and around your visible.
  4. Withhold your visible as straight forward and straight forward as that you just’re going to be ready to factor in.
  5. Educate your target market alongside with your visuals.

Featured Handbook: An Introduction to Data Visualization

data visualization cover

Be taught to practice files visualization finest practices to your advertising with this free files.

Solutions to Visualize Data: 10 Approaches

  1. Line Chart
  2. Bar Chart
  3. Scatter Chart
  4. Spot Chart
  5. Scheme
  6. Indicator
  7. Pivot Desk
  8. Bullet Graph
  9. Box Spot
  10. Matrix

1. Line Chart

data visualization line chartImage Provide

Spend a line chart to boom your files over the direction of time to ogle trends and intervals. It’s good to enact this with a single, or loads of, files level(s).

2. Bar Chart

bar chart data visualizationImage Provide

Spend a bar chart to evaluate groups or courses whereas moreover displaying obvious values.

Questioning how you would possibly want to per chance exercise this? Negate you have been using Casted to your instruct material advertising and wish to account on which medium is performing finest. It’s good to pull files experiences from the dashboard to visualize the guidelines for key stakeholders.

3. Scatter Chart

scatter plot data visualizationImage Provide

Spend a scatter chart to demonstrate the values of two assorted variables as parts on a chart.

4. Spot Chart

data visualization area chartImage Provide

Spend an diagram chart in a the same plot to how you would exercise a line chart.

The difference is that the diagram below the road is fleshy of color and/ or texture with an diagram chart. Both diagram and line charts boom the evolution of a price.

5. Scheme

data visualization mapImage Provide

Spend a plot to boom files that are geographically positioned and to demonstrate the distribution and share of files in declare areas.

6. Indicator

data visualization indicatorImage Provide

Spend an indicator in the event you will must boom your files with visuals like a gauge or ticker which is moving to clearly demonstrate which direction things are engaging over time.

7. Pivot Desk

data visualization pivot tableImage Provide

Spend a pivot desk to summarize a tall quantity of files whereas namely highlighting one of the serious files for target market people.

8. Bullet Graph

bullet graph data visualizationImage Provide

Spend a bullet graph or chart in a the same plot to how you would exercise a bar chart. The main difference is that a bullet graph enables you to encompass extra detailed files and files in a approach that does now not look or feel cluttered.

9. Box Spot

data visualization box plot

Image Provide

Spend a box region to ogle the distribution of your files — you would possibly want to per chance luxuriate in one box region for every attribute you are displaying.

10. Matrix

data visualization matrix

Image Provide

Spend a matrix to boom the relationships between an total lot or thousands of files parts, variables, and extra to designate their interactions all in a single set of dwelling.

Ready to feel inspired? Let’s exercise a take a examine some colossal examples of interactive and static files visualization.

Examples of Data Visualization

Below are 16 examples of files visualization, split into two predominant sections: interactive and static files visualization.

Examples of Interactive Data Visualization

1. Why Buses Bunch

Here is an example of a elaborate files diagram boiled down in a approach that appears and sounds like a sport. In this visualization, Setosa is showing how “bus bunching” occurs, i.e. when a bus will get delayed and later causes loads of buses to advance at a single conclude on the same time.

interactive data visualization example

Image Provide

Telling this legend in numbers by myself will be somewhat subtle — as a change, they turn it into an interactive sport that makes the guidelines less complicated to designate. While the buses rotate alongside a route, you’re going to be ready to click and establish a button to lengthen a bus. Then, all you will must enact is look to search out how even a short lengthen causes the buses to bunch together.

2. Languages in the World

This interactive by DensityDesign introduces the non-linguist to the many world languages. All 2,678 of them.

interactive data visualization example

Image Provide

This fragment enables you to explore overall language families, discover which languages are most in most cases spoken, and ogle the set languages are spoken around the arena.

Here is visible storytelling: taking an in-depth discipline and breaking it down in an easy-to-designate approach.

3. P.c of U.S. Population by Age Neighborhood

Here is an example of how one can boom a single files diagram in a compelling approach. Pew Research created an engaging GIF composite to demonstrate shifts in inhabitants demographics over time. It’s an efficient plot to picture a bigger legend in a trim kit.

interactive data visualization examples

Image Provide

Plus, this execute of micro-instruct material is straightforward to share on social or embed in blogs, extending the instruct material’s attain.

Ought to you will must make a GIF of your have using Photoshop, here’s a step-by-step tutorial.

4. The Total Historic past of the NFL

In this interactive visualization below, an “Elo ranking” — a straightforward measure of energy basically based mostly on sport-by-sport outcomes — has been calculated for every sport in the history of the Nationwide Soccer League (NFL).


Image Provide

That is over 30,000 rankings in total. Viewers can evaluate every group’s Elo to search out how every group performed all over a long time of play.

5. U.S. Thanksgiving on Google Flights

This visible is powered by Google Developments. It tracked flights as they flew to, from, and all around the US on the day earlier than Thanksgiving.

interactive data visualization examples

Image Provide

The visualization begins on the very starting up of the day and performs like a film as time goes on, showing flights engaging around the nation.

Without showing any numbers besides the time, viewers can discover which times had been most popular for international flights, domestic flights, and flights to/ from assorted hubs around the nation.

6. What’s In actuality Warming the World?

Ever heard a version of the recommendation, “Don’t merely demonstrate the guidelines picture a legend with it”? That is precisely what this visualization from Bloomberg Substitute does — and it be the interactive portion that makes the legend switch alongside from starting up to conclude. The visible disproves theories that boom that international warming would possibly also moreover be explained by pure causes.

The first ingredient you’re going to discover is the seen temperature because it be risen from 1880 to boom day.

bloomberg climate change data visualization example

Image Provide

As you scroll down, the visualization takes you thru precisely how mighty assorted components contribute to international warming in comparability to what’s been seen, adding a richer layer of storytelling. The conclusion the authors desire viewers to plot is made very obvious.

7. Most Succesful Sports activities Franchises

Here is an example of telling a deeper legend by adding files.

interactive data visualization example

Image Provide

The interactive visible lets users discover the replacement of years every group has competed, as effectively as the replacement of championships gained. This presents a extra total ogle of every group’s history and success as a franchise.

8. U.S. Wind Scheme

Here is a visual the same that presentations the wind speeds and directions in the U.S. in precise-time relieve in 2015.

interactive data visualization example

Image Provide

It is a colossal example of intuitive produce: Spin is represented by strains engaging slowly or fleet, and direction is represented in which approach the strains are engaging. It is without lengthen obvious what the final trends are with out any need for numbers except you click into the plot itself. Plus, capping the replacement of variables at two makes it even less complicated to follow.

Examples of Static Data Visualization

9) The set Data Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum

This visible presentations files organized on a distribution region — here is a honorable visible replacement on fable of it permits viewers to search out the set every media outlet lies on a spectrum.

media polarization static data visualization example

Image Provide

On a spectrum, the gap between every media outlet is famous. If these shops had been right listed one after the opposite in a desk, viewers wouldn’t be ready to search out the set each one stood in context.

10. The Every day Routines of Renowned Inventive Folks

Using files from the book Every day Rituals by Mason Currey, the region showcases the day-to-day schedules of licensed creatives broken down by time and exercise.

static data visualization example

Image Provide

Now not only is this an example of taking part files (you’re going to be ready to explore the schedules by individual exercise), it be moreover an efficient editorial fragment for a stamp.

11. The Yr in Data

Echelon Insights created this visible to depict one of the talked-about news tales of 2014 on Twitter.

What enact 184.5 million tweets appear to be? Cold stride art work!

static data visualization example

Image Provide

12. The Depth of the Project

Ought to you’ll need as an instance scale, static files visualization most continuously is a colossal plot to make your level. The infographic below from The Washington Submit is extremely prolonged … and that is the reason on reason.

In this case, they’re showing how crazy far a deep-sea signal from an airplane would possibly also moreover be detected by evaluating that depth to colossal buildings, the maximum depth of known mammals, the depth of the Huge damage, etc.

static data visualization example

Image Provide

It is a colossal exercise of straight forward visuals and color gradients. In the end, adding files to a news legend (in this case, the missing Malaysian airliner) presents wanted context.

13. Funding the Ultimate Frontier

While the infographic above is somewhat straight forward, there are ways to assemble effectively-designed infographics that lift a tall quantity of files. The main? A straightforward and tidy structure that makes it easy for readers to designate the guidelines.

static data visualization example

Image Provide

This infographic, created by GOOD Journal and Column 5, breaks down NASA’s 5-year funds to demonstrate how and the set the money will be spent. Plus, it has an on-theme produce — an all-around desire.

14. Caritas Kontaktladen Annual Characterize

Now not all files visualizations must peaceful be engaging. When precise-world files is visualized with precise-existence examples, the outcomes would possibly also moreover be swish. The dressmaker of this visible took a assorted plot to the guidelines contained in the annual account.

static data visualization example

Image Provide

The group presents beef up to drug addicts in Austria, so Luttenberger centered on communicating the mission through precise-existence visuals. As an instance, this browsing cart visualization represents how mighty of existence’s necessities a welfare recipient can acquire the money for on each day basis.

15. Austria Solar Annual Characterize

While there are an total lot ways to visualize files, using the straight forward job discipline to indubitably assemble the guidelines visualization would possibly also moreover be somewhat profound.

This annual account from Austria Solar makes exercise of true solar vitality to lift the firm’s files to existence through solar-activated inks on the online page.

The coolest examples of files visualization above are colossal to reference whereas you diagram your approach. Then again, it be moreover crucial we luxuriate in got in mind the much less advantageous ways to switch about files visualization so that you just know what to avoid — so, let’s duvet some unsuitable examples next.

Detrimental Data Visualization Examples

There are many ways in which files visualization can toddle immoral.

For occasion, take a examine this files visualization example of MLS salaries in 2013. The sheer quantity of files on this chart makes it subtle to be taught.

bad data visualization examples

Image Provide

Moreover, the dimensions of the variables requires target market people to zoom in enormously to be taught the guidelines. One of the necessary necessary bins that are being primitive to depict files appear to be vertical whereas most are horizontal — this moreover makes the straight forward job confusing to be taught.

Ought to you encompass a replacement of fully assorted variables internal a single visible, it moreover turns into subtle for target market people to designate — the next chart is an example of this.

bad data visualization examples

Image Provide

One thing else you’re going to wish to enact is make certain you are now not making your visible extra subtle than it wants to be. As an instance, this chart has a replacement of variables that are depicted by 3D bars. This graph would not must peaceful be 3D — if truth be told, it merely makes the straight forward job extra subtle to designate and ogle.


Image Provide

Lastly, let’s review some files visualization instruments to relieve make this job extra advantageous.

Data Visualization Instruments

There are a replacement of files visualization sources on hand currently nonetheless the next listing is here to relieve acquire you started. Don’t be terrified to investigate cross-take a look at about a choices to resolve which option fits your wants (and files) finest.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot presents loads of choices for files visualization, namely internal Reports. It’s good to assemble graphs and charts in quite a bit of ways depending to your desire.

There’s moreover a Dashboard and Reporting add-on that would possibly ease the approach of files visualization. Lastly, HubSpot enables you to establish watch over your files and dashboards, as effectively as customise them, in a approach that fits your declare wants.

2. Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop’s files visualization instrument presents dwell analytics with interactive dashboards so that you just’re prepared to with out complications problem trends, patterns, and insights.

There are easy-to-make maps, indicators, and plenty extra visuals, as effectively as easy analytics which indicate you’re going to be ready to safe actionable files from calculations, reference strains, and forecasts on fable of your visuals.

3. Chartio

Chartio’s files visualization instruments provide users 15 forms of charts to amass from with loads of adaptations, and plenty extra choices in the event you know the contrivance one can exercise files programming languages.

With Chartio, you’re going to be ready to lift all of your files together from locations like Amazon Redshift, browse your files with the Visual SQL solution, assemble and put together personalized charts and visuals, and with out complications share them (through online page online, Slack, PDF experiences for electronic mail, and plenty others.).

4. Databox

Databox presents a replacement of ways to upload your files and effectively assemble visuals to safe conclusions.

There are over 70 integrations that would possibly relieve you to fleet and with out complications assemble visuals with pre-built dashboards and experiences. It’s good to moreover assemble custom metrics. Databox then enables you to keep to Google Sheets or an SQL database, or you’re going to be ready to push it through API to ogle and share your files.

5. Google Chart Instruments

Google Chart Instruments indicate you’re going to be ready to visualize dwell files to your web sites (and cell) with the relieve of a replacement of interactive, customizable charts and files instruments. The most typical plot to make exercise of Google Charts is with straight forward JavaScript that you just embed to your online page online. And by utilizing the DataTable class, you’re going to be ready to with out complications switch between chart forms.

Develop Better With Data Visualization

With files visualization, you’re going to be ready to establish, focus on, and act on insights in a less complicated and extra advantageous approach.

So, look to the examples above for inspiration (and as a reference for what to avoid, too!) and experiment with the many instruments on hand to resolve what works finest to your wants and needs.

Editor’s Display veil: This submit used to be on the starting up revealed in March 2015 and has been up to this point for comprehensiveness.

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