Does Jordan Belfort’s ‘Sell Me This Pen’ Sales Trick Actually Work?

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Does Jordan Belfort’s ‘Sell Me This Pen’ Sales Trick Actually Work?


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The thought of “Promote Me This Pen” became viewed in the film, The Wolf of Wall Boulevard and became even discussed on the hit TV existing Shark Tank. Many think it’s a gross sales methodology that can decide whether or now no longer somebody is in actuality a salesperson. Nonetheless, I gain that thought absurd because there are now no longer any right-lifestyles scenarios where the sort of thought would ever be efficient.

In the film, Jordan Belfort asks Bo Bodnick to sell him a pen. Bo says, “Make me a prefer and write your establish down on a napkin.” “I don’t possess a pen!” Jordan says. “Precisely,” Bo responds, pulling out his bear pen and handing it to him. “That is supply in query.” Agree with if a person were to anticipate you to jot down your establish on a napkin, however you had no pen in ogle — wouldn’t it seem bizarre in the occasion that they tried to sell you a pen?

The real fact is, there may perchance be no query for the rationale that one️ person asking to your establish on a napkin is the one who in actuality has a question. What rational person would allow themselves to gain bamboozled into having a ogle for a pen they don’t need? If this labored (in the categorical world), which you can seek pen salespersons in every single dwelling asking folk to jot down their names on napkins so that they may perchance perchance recover off.

Since the “Promote Me This Pen” is now no longer an efficient interviewing method, right here are three interview tactics that work:

Salespeople learn books

When interviewing capacity salespeople, anticipate them referring to the books they’ve learn currently. Self-support, motivational or gross sales books can assist capacity candidates hone their abilities for this specific job. If a candidate cannot establish one amongst these studying resources in the midst of an interview direction of, you then may perchance perchance even merely smooth disqualify them because that person is now no longer who wishes to be representing your charge. Your next prime vendor will tick off all kinds of titles with out even thinking twice.

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Salespeople learn from books

Among the safe solutions to gain out if a attainable salesperson will in all probability be efficient is to anticipate them what they realized from one amongst their favourite self-support books. Despite the actual fact that right asserting that you’ve learn and applied something after studying it sounds right on paper, many pretenders cannot be conscious anything referring to the book in demand when requested this vogue of interview demand. You will know fleet whether or now no longer somebody may perchance perchance even merely even be trusted with your commercial by asking them this now no longer easy, yet efficient inquiry in the midst of an initial job interview.

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Real salespeople record experiences

A right salesperson will record you of their most modern successful sale. When asking the in all probability candidate to share a story, those that’re now no longer closers may perchance perchance even very well be fearful and method close a ogle at to think up one on the gap. A gorgeous closer couldn’t possess any anguish bending your ear with tales of how they purchased decision-makers signed on dotted traces.

These three questions will in all probability be some distance more efficient at environment apart the gross sales pretenders from the closers than a “Promote Me This Pen” gimmick.

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