Google to enforce unique product identifiers on free merchant listings

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Google to enforce unique product identifiers on free merchant listings


Google will open imposing the requirements to hold distinctive product identifiers on your product itemizing feeds with Google Merchant Heart the following day, September 15, 2021, the hunt firm announced.

What are distinctive product identifiers (UPIs). Google said a special product identifier, also called UPIs, are regarded as merchandise that encompass World Substitute Merchandise Numbers (GTINs), Manufacturer Phase Numbers (MPNs), and rate names within the product feed you undergo Google Merchant Heart.

Enforcement begins the following day. Google said “in relate to unify the enforcement of UPIs all over applications, particularly the enforcement for more than one diverse merchandise that use the same GTIN, we’re expanding this enforcement and applying it to merchandise listed in free listings.”

This enforcement begins the following day, Google said, “starting September 15, 2021, the following enforcement will apply to merchandise proven in free listings.”

What enforcement will occur? Google said it could maybe maybe honest detest product feeds within the event that they attain now not hold UPIs. Google said “diverse merchandise that use the same GTIN with the same variant attributes would possibly be regarded as ambiguous and could maybe maybe honest be disapproved.” This contains “variant attributes” that encompass condition [condition] and multipack [multipack] for all merchandise, as properly as color [color] and [size] for apparel merchandise, the firm said. Also, Google said “if a neighborhood of merchandise are identified as duplicates, ultimate one will remain active and eligible to expose in free listings.”

Why we care. In the event you’re taking profit of the free Google Merchant Heart and likewise you are now not using UPIs on your merchandise in those feeds, which it is possible you’ll maybe honest soon open seeing those merchandise being rejected and disapproved. Your next steps is to be obvious which it is possible you’ll maybe honest hold UPIs on those merchandise in those feeds. You might net an inventory of these authorized distinctive product identifiers over here within the Google assist clinical doctors.

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