How a One-Woman Jewelry Company Landed Deals With Disney, Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ and More

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How a One-Woman Jewelry Company Landed Deals With Disney, Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ and More


This week’s Accumulate a Right Job guest works aspect by aspect with Yoda, Iron Man, and just a few Disney princess on a day-to-day basis. Allison Cimino is the CEO, founder and vogue designer of RockLove, a jewellery firm that began runt (as in, a team of herself) and has long past on to land licensing gives with about a of the largest leisure companies on this planet: Disney, Marvel, Indispensable particular person Wars and more.


In our dialog, Allison talked about her unexpected profession chase, the challenges of simultaneously wearing the hats of a inventive thinker and a nuts-and-bolts industry particular person, and has some huge advice for anyone who is about to verbalize a meeting at Indispensable particular person Depart headquarters. (Spoiler alert: Let your geek flag slip!)

Underneath are some highlights of that dialog, that would very neatly be heard in fleshy above or wherever you download podcasts. Thanks as continuously for listening!

Mountainous ideas originate up with qualified issues

“My profession has surely been a winding route. At no level did I ever advise, ‘I must make Disney princess jewellery. Right here’s my life blueprint.’ I was a violinist and I thought I was going to be a musician. I continuously loved jewellery, but by no methodology actually apt it as a profession. While I was at faculty, I build in this somewhat golden diamond nose ring that used to be supposed to be, you respect, a top price quality. And I had a opposed allergy. I regarded adore Quasimodo. It used to be very traumatic. And I realized that I had this steel allergy. And as rapidly as that trip came about, I decided I wanted to head in one other country to Florence, Italy to perform a veteran-vogue apprenticeship and make my gain jewellery so that I could believe the steel I was placing in my body. And that became a cornerstone for RockLove. Making metals used to be how I solved my gain private enviornment.”

Beginning of a licensing biz

“I was making items for boutiques with this produce of rock and roll vogue. And then I started working with bands and authors that I met at live occasions adore Ink and Iron or Viva Las Vegas, the rockabilly-themed weekend. I could make irregular items of merchandise for them as a diffusion of objective T-shirts, stickers or CDs. And that used to be my originate up with merchandising, which used to be by no methodology a route I planned on taking.”

Cloak dreams

“The first on-display appearance of my jewellery used to be on HBO’s Factual Blood. That used to be very thrilling. And I enjoy all of these low-resolution screenshots of that because this used to be at least a decade ago. However most now now not too long ago I labored with the very proficient props division for Indispensable particular person Depart: Picard. I created with them bodily jewellery that is feeble on display. And Sir Patrick Stewart, who has been my captain since I was seven, is there preserving my necklace for the immense segment of the famous season. It be a colossal space level and he’s preserving it and I am objective crying. And my husband is taking videos of me and laughing after which we sent the video off to my father because he used to be the actual person that I mature to head making an strive Indispensable particular person Depart with. It used to be a if truth be told impactful moment. Patrick Stewart preserving my jewellery! Gets me all labored up, even objective telling the myth.”

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Receive now now not play it chilly

“As soon as I visited the Indispensable particular person Depart studio, I completely freaked out and stopped the total lot to head take a seat in Captain Picard’s chair! And at Disney, they’ve this complete campus and there could be exclusively so mighty to peep, your eyes are going in all places. In moments that, I surely feel that it is needed to merely be your self. And in the event you are gagging over some awesome prop sitting trusty over there, then objective insist that! You’re a fan, and the folk you are meeting with work there for a cause, too. They’re followers, so you would possibly want to nerd out a cramped bit bit. Your enthusiasm objective endears you to those very jaded, user products folks. So I judge it is if truth be told basic to now now not strive to placed on false airs or pretend that you just are some qualified imperfect-ass. To enjoy in the door, you are going to enjoy already sold them, so be your self.”

Success begins with authenticity

“I simplest make jewellery for things that I am a fan of, and that’s the reason segment of what has made Rockland prevail. And for me as a vogue designer and the front particular person for the firm meshing so neatly with the licenses and the folk making the basic decisions, my sincerity has brought me far. And so I judge that any particular person that is having a peep to make a stamp, whether it is jewellery linked or no, it has to attain from a level of sincerity and now now not chasing greenbacks. It has to be one thing that you just truly can now now not imagine waking up and now now not doing, even on the imperfect days. A particular level of truly caring concerning the industry you are pursuing is truly paramount.”

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