Interac: Sound Of Spending

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Interac: Sound Of Spending


Marketing Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo, Canada

Chief Inventive Officer: Zak Mroueh

Govt Inventive Director: Wain Choi

Work Director: Michael Romaniuk

Creator: Marco Buchar

Clothier: Damian Simev, Brian Banton, Zoe Kim

Inventive Skills: Jake Edwards

Yarn Group: Alyssa Guttman, Kara Oddi, Risa Kastelic

Planning Group: Sean Bell, Spencer MacEachern

Clients: Andrea Danovitch, Matt Houghton, Meghan Jeffery, Rachel Kellogg, Chingtien Chang

Media Agency: Media Consultants

Media Group: Rachel Schmidt, Latoya Taylor, MacKenzie McNevin, Keaton Dale

PR Agency: Hill+Knowlton Systems

PR Group: Samantha Kay, Geetika Kher

French Agency: The French Store

French Yarn Group: Roxane Caron, Marie-Ève Fraser, Anne Ouellet

French Creatives: Patricia Doiron, Joëlle Fournier, Gwenaëlle Clément-Gagnon

Producer: Ece Inan, Greg Hennessy, Adam Palmer, Lauren Schell

Animation and embellishing: Ashlee Mitchell

Manufacturing Home: Zulubot

Director: Barbara Shearer

Submit Manufacturing Firm: Zulubot

Editor: Mallory Robbins

Audio Mixer: Noah Mroueh

Music Home: Oso Audio

Audio Engineer: Daenen Bramberger

Interactive Artist: Andrew Martin

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