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5 Best SEO Tips for Local Business to Make More Sales

5 Best SEO Tips for Local Business to Make More Sales
October 12, 2018 ObadeYemi

These are the best SEO tips for local business that could help your location-based or service-rendering business make more sales online.

Do you run location-based business that require customers to walk in to buy? Do you render consulting services or other form of services that require to find and connect with you?

Sit tight, this is for you!

According to Think with Google, one out of every three Google search is location based. Besides, searches that include ‘Best’, ‘near me’, ‘where’ have been on record increase recently. 

This is why Search Engine Optimization is key to success of your business, if you run an active website and put up content at least once a month.

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SEO Tips for Local Business to Get More Customers ?

1). Technical S.E.O.

2). Keyword Research.

3). On-page S.E.O.

4). Consistent Blogging.

5). Content Distribution.

How Does Technical SEO Help Local Business?

Technical SEO will audit your website, find and fix web development issues that normally prevent Google from displaying your website in search results.

It can be very frustrating when you invest so much in putting up a beautiful website, publish engaging content, but prospects cannot still find your business when they search online.

What should you do?

1). Get an SEO expert to audit your website.

2). Fix all technical SEO problems.

3). Submit your website for indexing in Google.

4). Ensure your website’s XML Sitemap and Robots.txt file work.

5). Ensure your website loads as fast as possible.

How Does Keyword Research Help Local Business?

Keyword Research helps you find the right words or phrases to use to refer to your business, what you do, what you offer, what stands you out and why prospects should buy from you.

What Is Keyword?

Keyword is the most search terms or queries that people have used to search for a particular idea, name, event, place or anything at all on search engines.

best seo tips for local business -keyword research

Why Does Local Business Need Keyword Research?

You need keyword research to get into your prospects’ minds. When you do your keyword research well, you will be able to identify and select search terms that prospects are using to search for what you put online.

When you use the search terms prospects are already using to find your business, they can easily find your website and content.

How Do You Do Keyword Research?

Learn to use any of these tools or techniques:

1). Google Keyword Planner

2). Moz Keyword Explorer

3). Google Search Suggest

4). Google Trends

5). Google SERP ‘Searches Related’

How Does On-page SEO Help Local Business?

On-page SEO helps you better position your website and its content to be found in Google search. After doing keyword research, you will have list of keywords you can use to refer to your business, products and services.

On-page SEO involves using these keywords correctly in the right places on your web pages and blog posts.  It also requires that you edit existing web pages and create new ones based on what prospects are searching for.

How Does Blogging Help Local Business?

Blogging or Content Marketing is the lifeblood of getting found online.

80% of prospects research specifically what they want to buy online, read reviews, compare prices before buying. While some buyers search for particular problems that what they want to buy will solve for them.

Blogging as part of SEO strategy for local business will help you plan, publish and promote content that meet all these needs.For blogging to work for small business, your blog posts must be tied or related to your business. Though you should avoid talking too much about your business.

You get more people to visit your website when you genuinely help them solve problems.

What should you do?

1). Have a clear, sustainable SEO blogging strategy

2). Do keyword research to refine your content ideas

3). Be consistent with your blog posts to encourage followership

4). Share your blogs across social media, Quora, Medium & other relevant platforms

5). Get features for your blog posts on relevant high-traffic niche websites

How Does Content Distribution Help Local Business?

Content Distribution gets you brand visibility, increase awareness, get you web traffic and back links to your website.

Talking in business terms, distributing your blog posts via paid channels bring you consistent traffic, referrals, name mentioning, get you more leads which will in turn increase your sales.

best seo tips for local business -keyword research

In SEO terms, your website will get more credibility with search engine and you will earn more back links to your website which will help you rank higher in search results.

What should you do?

1). Use Facebook ads to promote your blog posts.

2). Use LinkedIn sponsored content to promote blog posts.

3). Follow social influencers and share your posts with them

4). Send your blog posts to relevant bloggers for paid or free feature

5). Promote your blog posts via email campaigns

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