Spotlight: How the BloomBridge Founder Turned a Family Promise into a Business

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Spotlight: How the BloomBridge Founder Turned a Family Promise into a Business


Putting vegetation on a most standard one’s grave is an indication of admire and remembrance. Nonetheless, it’s no longer frequently easy to hump to in person, especially for family who don’t are living interior attain. Nonetheless, BloomBridge goals to carry out it more straightforward for of us to honor deceased most standard ones with vegetation.

Read how the founder remodeled a promise to her grandmother correct into a thriving alternate on this week’s Dinky Enterprise Highlight.

What the Enterprise Does

Raise vegetation to grave sites throughout seven Southern states.

Founder Kristen Allen instantaneous Dinky Enterprise Trends, “BloomBridge helps you to honor your most standard ones and others’ most standard ones with a diversified tribute from anywhere. We bring vegetation to your most standard ones’ gravesites.”

Enterprise Area of interest

If truth be told caring about customers and their most standard ones who possess passed.

Allen says, “We mediate there could be something to be said for remembering your most standard ones. Honoring anyone after they pass is ready appreciate and loyalty. Flowers in a cemetery signify that existence is peaceful there and brings peace of healing to these which will most definitely be peaceful right here. We must always all the time relieve unfold that peace to everyone.

“Our daily lives derive busy and most continuously it is miles not possible to assemble time to hump to the graves of our most standard ones, now to now not point out having to grab the vegetation. Within the starting, the notion got right here from the Yell of our most standard ones being forgotten and in that match we would lose a share of who we are. This topic turned correct into a imaginative and prescient and this imaginative and prescient became an notion, BloomBridge.

“BloomBridge caters to everyone. Whether you is possible to be bodily unable, no longer within the locale, can no longer assemble the time, otherwise you is possible to be wanting to reward vegetation out of appreciate for a member of the family, friend, or even a co-employee.”

How the Enterprise Purchased Started

Due to the a promise to her grandmother.

Allen explains, “My tiring grandmother frequently said, “when it’s my time, don’t you let me be the simplest one available with out vegetation.” I assured her I’d no longer.”

Ideal Procure

Efficiently rebranding the alternate.

Allen adds, “We no longer too prolonged within the past rebranded our name from Flowers to The Grave to BloomBridge. We felt that Flowers to The Grave sounded extra admire what we enact as an alternative of who we are. BloomBridge represents the heavenly vegetation that bridge the realm we dwell in and the afterlife. With this original rebranding, Kristen chanced on a community of alternative folks who helped her modified into her notion correct into a working platform. We no longer too prolonged within the past launched this alternate in July.”

Ideal Chance

To pause and rebrand the service.

Allen explains, “This took about a years and various delays due to COVID nevertheless we built the appropriate platform which is able to enable us to develop.”

How They’d Use an Extra $100,000

Explaining the service.

Allen says, “To fabricate an consciousness program (online and offline) to coach our market of our category, Our notion is original and atypical and we need time to original.”

Popular Quote

“To are living within the hearts we hump away within the relieve of is now to now not die.” – Thomas Campbell.

Image: BloomBridge, Kristen Allen

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