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    20 Tools for Working from Home

    Remote Working: 20 Tools for Working from Home Effectively

    Before 2020, working from home/working remotely was a known phenomenon, but 2020 has become a game-changing year for remote working.

    Thanks or no thanks to events of this year, workplaces have found the need to introduce teleworking into the system. In light of this new work situation, this post looks at the tools you need for remote work.

    Basic Working from Home Tools

    To work at home efficiently and effectively, there are some tools and devices that you must have. In fact, without them, you can hardly get your work done while at home. They are tech devices that connect you to your office, your team members, and clients.

    With these essentials in place,  achieving set goals becomes easier. Below are the remote work essentials you need to work from home.

    1. Computer

    If you’re to work remotely, then getting a PC, if you don’t already have one, is a priority. But it isn’t enough to have a laptop; your laptop/desktop needs to be equipped to take on all the duties. Also, you should be able to connect to your working place through your computer to stay on the know and other group activities and tasks.

    Even if you’re working alone, you still need a computer that can easily connect to the world, whenever you need it to.

    2. Keyboard and Mouse

    Well, you can’t be fully functional as a remote staff without a functioning keyboard and mouse. Only with them will you be able to type and carry on with your daily work operations. A laptop keyboard can perform all the required operations, but you should have a full-sized laptop.

    20 Tools for working from home

    It would reduce the strain on you and help you stay active for longer. This is because its bigger size helps reduce the strain associated with smaller keyboards, especially if you are working for an extended period. When your comfort is in place, your overall productivity will also increase.

    3. Connection Cord and Adapter

    If you’re to work from home, you sure need a place to plug in your computer, monitor, phone, and other electrical devices. This is why you need a connection cord and an adapter.

    If you are to connect multiple devices around your workplace, you should buy more than one cord and adapter. This will help reduce the rowdiness around your working area. People tend to neglect connection cords and adapters when seeking remote working tools, but your connection cord and adapter are just as important as other tools.

    4. Printer and Scanner

    Not all jobs require printing or scanning of hard copy documents, but if your job requires this, you should put it in place. You should have your printer and scanner set up within your working space to take away the stress of going outside your home just to get printing and scanning done. Also, you will achieve flexibility and more productivity this way.

    2020 Digital Trends and Outlook for 2021 -VIDEO BANNER

    5. Router/Wi-Fi (Stable Internet Connection)

    Asides the hardware, you also need a strong and fast internet connection to get you through your job operations. An unstable or feeble internet connection can frustrate your work, communication with team members and clients, and even more. This is why you should ensure to set up a good internet connection in place for your working space.

    Communication and Engagement Tools

    When working from home, the most important thing is to learn how to communicate and engage effectively with your team members, boss, and even clients.

    Since you don’t get to see your co-workers and clientele physically, how well you communicate and engage with them virtually determines your individual and collective productivity. The following are some tools that will help you in this regard.

    1. Headset and Microphone

    If you would need to constantly do conference voice or video calls with your team members, the management, and even your clients, you should get a headset and microphone.

    This will enable you to communicate with them effectively. They’d hear you clearly, and you would hear them just as well. If possible, get a noise-canceling headset, it limits distractions.

    2. Chat and Conferencing Software

    Apps like Slack, Asana, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts/Meet, aid communication at work even if the staff aren’t together at a physical location. Having these chat software will enable you to work effectively with your boss, team members, and even clients.

    They have been designed to aid communication and collaboration: thus, they do absolutely well. Overall, these apps will aid your productivity while also helping to build your professional relationship with your team and co-workers.

    3. Shared calendars

    The use of shared calendars has continued to aid engagement and collaboration ever since its introduction. It encourages employees, team members, and even the management to prioritize their time and duties appropriately. Also, it helps the managers and the supervisors to assign tasks and roles appropriately.

    20 tools for working from home -002

    Accountability Tools

    What is work if accountability is not in place? Productivity will reduce drastically. It is easy to have reduced productivity while working remotely compared to working at a physical office space. This is why accountability tools are there to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved.

    1. Time Tracker

    The Time Tracker is an app or software that tracks the time employees spend working on their operations and duties. It helps the employees stay time-efficient and productive.

    2. Goalie

    The Goalie is another topnotch software tool that is effective for monitoring the progress of projects and specific operations. It is usually set by the supervisors, managers, team leaders, and the likes to ensure that the subordinates achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner.

    4. Report Taker

    Report Taker is another tool that aids effectiveness and efficiency while working remotely. If set up by your company, this software reports your performance and productivity to the high ups. It then enables them to compare your performance to that of other workers.


    Who says productivity while working remotely is unachievable? It is. The tools above will help you stay efficient and productive while working from home, whether you are the employer or employee.


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    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlinks Checker

    As a newbie a few years ago, one of my greatest worries was how to get backlinks. Like how the heck will I get other people to link to my blog?

    Dear reader, kindly permit me to share my link building using SEMRush backlink checker story with you today.

    It has been an interesting journey with link building both for clients and my blog… there have been ups and downs but with tools like SEMRush backlink checker, life got easier over time!

    Content, domains, links, web pages, and then, AI (artificial intelligence) .… What else? What else really gives us sleepless nights on the Internet? 

    You really have to read this to the end…

    Also read maybe 100 more by different experts just to learn how to get a couple of other websites to place blue texts on their pages that will lead readers and search engines to yours… Isn’t that crazy?

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker 02

    Why Learn How to Get Backlinks?

    1. Improved Organic Search Ranking

    Quality alongside quantity of backlinks to your website remains one of the top 3 most important ranking factors used by Google to display search results. Nothing much has pretty changed about that.

    To rank higher and more relevant keywords, you need to learn to get backlinks, good quality ones at scale specifically.

    2. Increased Organic and Referral Web Traffic

    You naturally get more visits to your website for ranking higher and more relevant keywords in Google based on the fact that searchers usually trust top search results, especially top #3.

    You also get more referral traffic when people click through to your website from websites linking to you.

    3. Improved Brand Visibility 

    More searchers will find your company in search results, become more curious and may decide to check you out on social among other channels.

    This could help you  get more leads and customers. Sometimes people will refer you to prospects because they find you credible after consuming your content or visit your website a couple of times.

    2020 Digital Trends and Outlook for 2021 -VIDEO BANNER

    4. Brand Trust

    People buy from other people and brands they know. The more Google and other websites display your business, the more trust you build in the minds of  potential customers.

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker?

    Analyze Your Domain 

    Before starting link building at all, it is important you know where you are currently and potential opportunities you can take from keywords you rank for as well as websites already linking to your web pages and posts.

    SEMRush Backlink Checker in helping you find out your ranking keywords and identify potential link sources.

    Doing Domain Analysis of my site with SEMRush, this is what I got:

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Domain Overview 01


    • 12 keywords have majorly brought organic traffic to my site in the last 1  month.
    • There are over 7,000 backlinks to my site from over 400 websites.
    • Next thing is to find out what are the ranking keywords that currently drive the most visits to my website and the websites already linking to it.

    Understand Your Current Backlink Profile

    Understanding my backlink profile means knowing the quality of links my site currently has and how they could contribute to my ranking in search results.

    Below is a breakdown of over 7,000 links to my site using SEMRush backlink Checker:

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Backlink Profile 01


    • 99% of links to my website are from anchor texts while 57% of them are Dofollow.
    • This is encouraging though I need to look into how to maximize links from images on my site.
    • It is important to ensure that you do not get any kind of links. Focus on having the right mix of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks.

    I will address what is Dofollow VS Nofollow links shortly.

    Identify Top Competitors in Search and Market

    One of the least discussed link building tactics is how to get backlinks from websites from your competitors, whether direct or direct in organic search.

    Why are competitors’ link sources important thou?

    Finding out sites linking to competitors saves you loads of stress. Yes, it does. This is because they already play in your domain.

    It means these websites identify with topics that are relevant to your business. And as such, they may be more open-minded to link to your content, in as much as it is of good quality preferably better than your competitors’ that they are currently linking to.

    In order to select the right competitors whose link sources you may want to reach out to, it is great to have a mix of businesses that directly compete with you in the marketplace together with those that compete for similar keywords with you.

    Here are the top organic competitors to my website based on my major ranking keywords:

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Organic Competitors 01


    I will export these websites and add them to the list of websites I will be reaching out to for backlinks. They are my competitors in organic search though we necessarily do not offer the same services.

    Analyze Competitors’ Link Sources

    After listing all your competitors, both in organic search and marketplace, it is time to find out websites linking to them. These websites are your potential link sources.

    I have used this approach over and over, it has worked wonders!

    The little secret behind the success of this link building tactic is that you will provide these link sources with content that is similar to what they normally share. 

    How to Analyze Competitors’ Link Sources?

    Simply follow the steps used to analyze above. Export the websites linking to your website and competitors.

    There are a couple of link outreach tools you could use to get contact details of these websites, IF you have quite a handful of them. But if not, you could check out their contact pages and social media to their emails.

    Do Link Building Outreach

    Link building outreach is a type of email campaign used to pitch your content to link sources you complied in the step immediately above.

    The most important thing here is to sell the benefits of your content to the link sources and their audience.

    This is indirect selling which requires some tact and discretion. You do not want to sound over persuasive or indifferent when you ask for links to your content.

    There are many helpful link building outreach email copy samples or templates you could learn from online. Below is one of them:

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Link Building Outreach Copy Sample 01

    To show how some other businesses are using this approach, below is the link building pitch I got while writing this piece:

    How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Link Building Outreach Copy Sample 01

    PS: I get an average of 5 of these emails on a weekly basis.

    Some How to get Backlinks FAQs

    While you proceed in your link building journey, these are some terms you will come across. Thought to give you heads up on what they mean and how they work:

    What Are DoFollow Backlinks?

    They are premium powerful links that give authority from the source website to the destination website. What this means is that the more trustworthy links point to your website, the better your reputation and fair ranking with Google.

    What Are Nofollow Backlinks?

    They are passed from other websites that do not guarantee that they trust you, therefore not passing their authority to you. They are not totally bad because they indirectly contribute to your credibility with search engines though they may not really impact your search ranking. Some of these links come from popular authoritative sites which may also mean huge visibility for your brand.

    What Is Domain Authority or Authority Score? 

    This is another concern when talking about backlinks. Moz uses Domain Authority (DA) while SEMRush uses Authority Score. It actually indicates how search engines rate your website’s credibility relatively to others within your category on the scale of 100.

    I hope you have learnt enough to get started your link building journey. If you have not been including your competitors’ link sources, you must have found a new technique to increase the quality and quantity of backlinks to your website.

    SEMRush actually has a free version which is quite helpful for the link building techniques I explained above. It is a rich suite of online marketing tools that go way beyond Backlink Checker or SEO itself.

    You may want to sign up for free today.


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    how to sell -001

    How to sell: These Are the 5 Most Important Things to Do

    How to sell anything successfully today goes beyond great product, it has lot to do with character, communication skills and more.

    These are the 5 most important things about selling that you must learn:

    1. Who you are.

    Who you are is a lot more important that what you sell. It is irrelevant whether or not you sell good products if you have a bad name.

    2. What the prospect wants to buy.

    What is important is not what you have to sell but what the prospect wants to buy.

    Vodka is a German drink and it would never have been accepted in the US were it not for the advert “Vodka; takes away your breath”. People who buy Vodka want something that leaves no smell. If you sell them a beer, they won’t buy; even though Vodka is beer.

    3. What you sell

    If you do not situate your offer in the context of what the buyer seeks, you won’t sell.

    How to sell: These Are the 5 Most Important Things to Do

    4. Your consistency.

    What sells ALWAYS is consistency, not your ability, not your charisma, not your aggression.

    60% of all sales happen after the 5th call. Most of the selling would have taken place while the customer keeps coming back. -Bunmi Jembola, CEO Salesruby.

    When you are consistently selling a product, you are also selling yourself into the future. This is why it would always be difficult selling when you just get started.

    Don’t stop prospecting. Don’t stop finding new people to sell to!

    5. What you do after you have sold.

    People sell and walk away. Never do that!

    If you do, you lose the future. You lose referrals. You lose return purchases. And that is what makes you successful.

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    5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better Than Others

    5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better Than Others

    Wondering what successful salespeople do better than average sales guy?

    These are 5 things to learn and master, if you want to succeed in selling anything. Anything at all!

    1. Successful Salespeople Sell Value at Scale.

    What is Value?

    Value is a construct, a perception in buyer’s mind not necessarily the reality. Price may be fixed but value is subjective and Customer determines what is valuable to them.

    Since buying decisions are based on PERCEIVED value, successful salespeople communicate value the best way customer can comprehend.

    2. Successful salespeople master 5 PILLARS of COMMUNICATION.

    These are pillars of communication you must master in order to succeed in sales:

    1. Visibility: People buy from who they know, how do you gain visibility?
    2. Language: Speak the language of the problem because ONLY ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THE PROBLEM CAN BE TRUSTED TO SOLVE IT.
    3. Conviction: Sell first to yourself. Yeah? If you are not SOLD, you can’t SELL.
    4. Relationship: Building relationship in sales is like investing in an emotional bank. Don’t just sell, build bridges.
      Personality: What are your personal values? What are your after sales values?

    3. Successful Salespeople Have Excellent Attitude towards Sales.

    Develop excellent Sales Mastermind by answering these 5 questions:

    1. What do you believe about yourself?
    2. What are your personal values?
    3. How much do you like others?
    4. How do you perceive customer rejection?
    5. Rate your selling ability: Are you Best Ever, Exceptional, Good, Average, or Below Average?

    5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better than Others

    4.  Successful Salespeople Master Are Always Prospecting.

    This Is How Successful Salespeople handle prospecting better than others:

    1. They differentiate activity from productivity because activity takes 90 days to pay off.
    2. They fill their pipelines consistently.
    3. They do not ignore phone calls, no matter what the situation is.
    4. They differentiate prospects from opportunities by qualify or scoring their leads.
    5. They prospect value one-on-one not via anonymous bulk emails or SMS.

    5. Successful Salespeople Get out of Obscurity.

    These are steps taken by successful salespeople to get out of obscurity:

    1. Always networking.
    2. Positioning themselves as subject matter experts.
    3. Creating value Online.
    4. Generate leads via referrals from existing customers.
    5. Prospecting by Categories.

    Culled from: Sales Masterclass by Salesruby.

    Sell Online to Qualified Leads
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    small business idea in Nigeria for 201

    Small Business Ideas in Nigeria for 2019: Make above 250K Monthly

    You need small business ideas in Nigeria to start a side hustle or build company of your own? You are tired of job hunting and you want to start your own business? 

    These are small business ideas you can start in Nigeria that can you at least N250, 000 per month,  as you prepare for 2019.

    Small Business Ideas in Nigeria: Poultry Farming.

    Poultry farming is the process of raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese for the purpose of proving meat or eggs. Chicken farming is the most popular type of poultry business here but there are other birds like nolar that is highly profitable but less known.

    For a successful poultry farming business in Nigeria, here are the ground rules:

    1. Choose your poultry sector and stick to it because the industry is quite wide.
    2. Choose your type(s) of bird, as different types are allowed but be focused.
    3. Do feasibility and environmental study before choosing your farm location.
    4. Get financial help or adopt cluster farming approach.
    5. Tell people online and offline about your farm.
    6. Seek professional advice on how best to care for the birds.

    Small Business Ideas in Nigeria: Livestock Feed Production.

    Livestock feed production is the manufacturing of animal feed like poultry or chicken feed, cattle feed, goat feed, dog food, bird food, and several other types, with raw agricultural ingredients like corn, wheat, sorghum, forage, vitamins, additives and mineral.

    Fodder produced is formulated to meet specific animal nutrition requirements for different species of animals at different life stages.

    To Start a Successful Livestock Feed Production Business:

    1. Choose livestock category, learn its nutritional requirements and develop feed formula.
    2. Your feed formula determined ingredients, work out consistent supply of ingredients.
    3. Get necessary equipment for smooth production of your chosen feed formula.
    4. Give your products the best packaging you can get for market distinction.
    5. Have an effective marketing plan to deliver your feeds to customers.

    Small Business Ideas in Nigeria: Mobile Fresh Juice Bar.

    Busy always-on-the-go Nigerians who want to increase fruit and vegetable count in their nutrition create a huge market for nutrient-packed juices and smoothies.

    This is one smart, less capital intensive small business idea to consider as you plan for 2019.

    Starting a mobile juice bar could prove to be extremely lucrative, due to its low overhead and start-up fees.

    These are what you will need to start mobile fresh juice business:

    1. Blenders and Freezer.
    2. Generator or inverter.
    3. Nice looking Van or cart.
    4. Branded bottles or container.
    5. Fruits and/or smoothie ingredients.

    Don’t know where to locate you mobile juice bar for high visibility or quick access?

    These are location ideas for mobile juice bar business:

    1. Malls, Offices, Hospitals or Hotels.
    2. Colleges, Athletic Clubs, or Airports.
    3. Community Centers, Grocery Stores or Beaches.
    4. Department Stores, Tourist Attractions or Shopping Centers

    VERY IMPORTANT: create a epic brand name for your mobile juice bar! 

    Brand name could be funny, trendy or related to slang that can be easily remembered. This is how to stay top of the mind of your customers and help yourself into their conversation.

    Small Business Ideas in Nigeria: Online Tutoring.

    Online tutoring is a profitable business, it makes learning personalized, affordable and easily accessible.  

    Learning and general dissemination of knowledge no longer has to be within four walls of a classroom, thanks to global penetration of the Internet.

    Having worked as a professional for a number of years, you should be prepared to explore online tutoring as a small business or side gig in 2019.

    Maybe you have special skill or talent that you have developed expertise in, you could develop a

    viable business model from it based on online tutoring.

    These are steps to start online tutoring business:

    1. Register as an online tutor with a popular online tutoring company.
    2. Get verified as an authority on your preferred subject.
    3. Learn to use online teaching or course creation tools.
    4. Create course materials and start tutoring.

    AVAILABILITY is key to your success as an online tutor. Ensure you are easily accessible by your students and create feedback channels for better communication.

    Small Business Idea in Nigeria: Crèche.

    Apart from being profitable, Crèche business brings job satisfactions if you are great with kids.

    Crèche provides facilities and good environment where care is given to babies, toddlers and young children.

    Steady increase in the number of working class Nigerian mothers will continue to create market for Crèche business.

    These are steps to take if you want to start Crèche Business in Nigeria:

    1. Seek legal advice and get all necessary approval from authorities.
    2. Educate yourself on best practices and never stop learning.
    3. Get easily accessible though well-secured location.
    4. Hire staff with right attitude and passion for kids.
    5. Organize activities and routines that constantly engage kids.
    6. Develop curriculum that develops kids mentally, emotional and physically.

    Crèche business is a sensitive or socially conscious adventure with its unique challenges and responsibilities. Therefore, it requires a lot of ATTENTION to details!

    how to sell online to new customers
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    Events in Google History: 20 Significant Moments at 20 Years as a Company

    Here are 20 major events in Google history as the Search Engine giant clocked 20 recently.


    Larry Page and Sergey Brin start to show investors their novel search engine, initially called  BackRub, which ranks search results based on links back to individual pages, rather than keywords.

    Google got interest from 4 angel investors namely: Andy Bechtolsheim (Sun Microsystems co founder), Jeff Bezos ( founder), Ram Shriram (former Amazon executive) and David Cheriton (Stanford professor).

    major events in google history -Google in Beta stage in Dec 1998

    Page and Brin try, unsuccessfully, to sell Google to the now-defunct Excite. Later in the year, Google raises $25 million from Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and others.

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    Google launches its first April Fool’s Day prank, called MentalPlex. MetalPlex asked people to project a mental image of what they want to search for while staring at an animated GIF.


    Google makes its first acquisition in its corporate history, buying Deja, which forms the basis of Google Groups.


    Google officially enters pop culture vernacular, as with a character of the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” making a reference to ‘Googling’ someone.  Yahoo offers to buy Google for $3 billion, but Google declines.

    major events in google history -Google Homepage in 2002


    Google moves into 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, leasing buildings from the Silicon Graphics. 1600 Amphitheater Parkway would become the nexus for the Googleplex, which now spans hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space in Mountain View.


    Google goes public in August 2004 at $85 per share, raising a little over $1.9 billion.


    Google Maps and Google Earth were launched, undercutting the paid GPS navigation market.


    Google buys YouTube for $1.6 billion. Despite the hefty price tag, YouTube remains one of Google’s most profitable acquisitions to date, generating billions of dollars per year in video advertising revenue.

    major events in google history -Google buys YouTube


    Google buys advertising service DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.


    Google begins distributing early versions of the Android operating system to phone manufacturers. T-Mobile’s G1 is the first smartphone to run Android.


    Google crosses a major milestone, with people making more than 1 billion search queries on the site per day. The site becomes the dominant search engine in the U.S., with 65% market share.


    Google launches its first branded smartphone, the Nexus One.


    Google buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Three years later, Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.9 billion.


    Google reports annual revenue of more than $50 billion.

    major events in google history -Google $50b annual revenue


    Google launches Chromecast, a dongle that allows people to stream content from their phones or computers to a TV.


    Google buys DeepMind, a U.K.-based artificial intelligence company, for $625 million. It also picks up home automation startup Nest for $3.2 billion.


    Google restructures itself as Alphabet, a holding company that owns several companies, including Google.


    Google launches its line of smart home speakers, powered by Google Assistant.


    European regulators hit Google with a $2.7 billion fine, for promoting its own shopping results over results from competing shopping services.


    Internal protests prompt Google to cancel its involvement in Project Maven, a government effort to use artificial intelligence to automatically process military drone footage.

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    Google Page Speed 001

    Google Page Speed Insights: How to Make Website Rank Higher in Mobile Search

    Google Page Speed has been a search ranking factor for months now. Hope you know!!!

    If you are still putting up with slow website, it is time to go MAD (Make A Difference) because the fear of slow website is the beginning of wisdom in online marketing…

    53% of mobile site visits leave a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load; according to Think with Google.

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    What is Page Speed?

    Page speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your web page loads in user’s web browser.

    Google’s recent data on how PageSpeed affects performance and profitability shows that while more than half of overall web traffic comes from mobile devices, mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop.

    To summarize this, web page loading speed equals revenue. …..NEED FOR SPEED….

    Why is Google Page Speed Critical?

    Google started using  mobile page speed as a ranking factor in their mobile search results; since July 2018. Apart from being an official Google Search Ranking factor, the speed at which a website loads affects:

    • Customer experience
    • User engagement
    • Conversion rate

    Should You Lose Sleep Over Terrible Page Speed?

    Yes, you should. And this is why: 70% of mobile landing pages typically take more than 5 seconds for the visual content above the fold to display on the screen, and it takes more than 7 seconds to fully load all visual content above and below the fold.

    Google Page Speed is now ranking factor

    Slow website drives prospects away, especially if you are targeting young Internet users (including Millennials), upwardly mobile netizens, busy moms, online shoppers who have too many alternatives already. All these people among others do not have the luxury of time to wait a decade for a web page to load…

    How to Find Out Google Page Speed?

    Use Google Page Speed Insights

    How Can I Make My Website Faster?

    Take these steps to at least remove bloated content that typically makes web pages take forever to load:

    • Get a better Web Host
    • Enable web page caching
    • Get a faster Website Theme
    • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Add-ons
    • Load Analytics and Ad Networks Code Asynchronously
    • Enable Expiry tag for old images & other web contents
    • Reduce (not completely remove) Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website
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    Online Marketing Updates Ep 02

    Google Dataset Search Engine Launched to Provide Detailed Insights on Selected Topics.

    Google Dataset Search Engine Launched to Provide Detailed Insights on Selected Topics.

    Instagram Dives into e-Commerce with a Rumoured Shopping App, Google Chrome Address Bar Now Shows Search Results, Facebook User Engagement Declines by 42%.

    Here is my recap of what happened in the world of online marketing during the week.

    Online Marketing Updates by ContentKrush gives you latest news in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing in the past week.

    Google Dataset Search Engine Launched to Provide Detailed Insights on Selected Topics.

    Google Dataset Search is a new service to find data from sciences, government and selected news organizations. 

    Using dataset schema, publishers, agencies, organizations and companies can mark up data to get their data file included in the new Google Dataset Search engine. 

    What’s the catch?

    Dataset Search allows searchers to find datasets on many topics across environmental and social sciences, as well as data from other disciplines including government data and data provided by news organizations. 

    Google Dataset Search Engine Launched 001

    Google Dataset Search Engine Launched

    Google Dataset Search feature will be used by scientists, data journalists, data geeks and anyone who is curious about the data behind a specific topic.

    Finding data for research has never been easier!

    What should you do?

    Mark up your published data web pages (like survey, market research, reports, stats or any form of well organized insights) so that Google can display it to searchers within this new vertical search feature that is still in Beta stage.

    Log on to to find guidelines for featuring your data in Google Dataset Search Engine.

    Read up —>  Search Engine Land

    Instagram Dives into e-Commerce with a Rumoured Stand-alone Shopping App.

    If this comes through, Instagram users would be able to search for products and make purchases directly in the app -according to The Verge reports.

    Instagram is yet to comment on this report by The Verge though.

    instagram shopping app

    instagram shopping app

    What’s the catch?

    It’s been more than a year since Instagram opened up shoppable organic posts to apparel, jewelry and beauty brands.

    Also In June, Instagram offered a shopping bag icon to a select number of retailers, allowing them to add an e-commerce element within their Stories. 

    And as such, Instagram already has a sufficient number of retailers and advertisers already pushing products on the platform. So it may happen sooner than expected. 

    What should you do?

    If you sell online or do marketing for e-Commerce business, be prepared!

    Follow relevant influencers and blogs where you can get all the gist before anyone else, so you can jump on Instagram shopping app when it finally rolls out.

    Read up —–> Marketing Land

    Google Chrome Now Shows Search Results in the ‘Omnibox’ Bar by Default.

    Google Chrome 69 ‘omnibox’  bar now allows you to type in URLs or search queries, as it shows you search result answers to what you type.

    This new feature is similar to how Google search works, but now shows directly in the Google Chrome latest version that was released on Tuesday September 4, 2018.

    Chrome Omnibox search bar

    Chrome Omnibox search

    What’s the catch?

    Google Chrome 69 Omnibox will show answers directly in the web browser address bar without you having to open a  separate tab.

    It can show rich search results on public figures, sporting events, instant answers like the local weather forecast and translation of a foreign word.

    What should you do?

    Enjoy the new Google Chrome 69 Omnibox search bar as you can do more within a browser now. You won’t need to open a million web browser tabs because your work spreads across multiple web pages!

    Read up —–>  Search Engine Land

    42% of Facebook Users Stepped back from Daily Activity and Engagement. -Pew Survey June 2018.

    According to new survey data from the Pew Research Center (June 2018), 42% Facebook users have stepped back from daily activity and engagement.

    This stands in marked contrast to a March 2018 Pew survey that found 74% of Facebook users visited daily while 51% visited multiple times a day.

    Decline in Facebook Engagement -Pew Survey Data June 2018

    Decline in Facebook Engagement

    What’s the catch?
    To corroborate this sharp decline in usage and engagement revealed by Pew Survey, Facebook’s Q2 results shows that its daily active user metrics were flat in North America and declined in Europe.

    The totality of the Pew survey evidence and other polls by Reuters (March 2018) argues that many Facebook users have become ambivalent and less engaged, especially since the notorious Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

    What should you do?
    Do not rely solely on your huge Company page followers to help spread your brand message, as this is becoming less effective in terms of reach and user engagement.

    It is time to make your brand, business, organization or client more human on Facebook. Think of user engagement campaign that can make your target audience take ownership.

    This way you keep your conversations, advocacy and loyalty in top gear.

    Read up —->  Marketing Land

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    SEO, Content Marketing, Email & Social Media in Nigeria

    Content Marketing ROI: 5 Inspiring Content Marketing Case Studies with Amazing Results!

    Content Marketing ROI is a popular headache among CMOs, marketers in general.

    After reading this piece by Stefan Debois from marketo, you will have a better idea of how to pitch Content Marketing in such a way that results will be evident.

    Obviously, there are many articles with Content Marketing best practices, proven strategies, and statistics. But there’s one thing that can beat all of these: Clear, actionable, real-life examples.

    Content marketing case studies with excellent results can be hard to come by, but here you have successful case studies with awesome results they achieved:

    iSpionage Got 58% Increase in Blog Referral Traffic in a Month with Onsite Re-targeting

    The growth hacking tool iSpionage runs a pay-per-click marketing blog. By investing in content marketing, they had hoped to capitalize on additional visits. But despite publishing new articles regularly, they weren’t seeing a lot of referral traffic towards the main website. In this case study, they explain how they managed to increase that traffic by 58.09% in just one month by using an exit intent popup.

    Content Marketing ROI

    Lawrence of Morocco Got over 11K Additional Website Visits in 2 Weeks with #GOT Infographics

    When the Game of Thrones series was in full swing, it generated huge buzz online. Lawrence of Morocco, offering tailor-made holidays, took advantage of this as much of the series was filmed in Morocco. By creating related content linking back to their product offering, they generated tons of extra traffic to their website.

    CollegeRaptor Got 100K Web Visitors/month with Data-driven Content

    In this content marketing case study, YesOptimist helped a startup, CollegeRaptor, to get from absolutely no organic traffic to 100K visitors per month in just one year. They created a highly relevant piece of content using nothing but publicly available data which was picked up by several big blog sites, giving them the initial boost in high-quality backlinks.

    Originally published: 5 Inspiring Content Marketing Case Studies (with Results!)\

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    Digital Marketing Jobs -skills you need

    Digital Marketing Jobs: 7 Skills You Need in 2018

    Digital marketing jobs are not only the new cool, in Nigeria and across the world, but also the magic wand that have been differentiating future-oriented companies from the ones who are stuck with how things have been done since day one.

    It is just natural that new roles are emerging which create digital marketing jobs across different areas of specialization in Tech, Education, Media, even Manufacturing plus Oil & Gas.

    Digital channels have disrupted how businesses get done!

    For you who need job in 2018, maybe you want to start side hustle or your current job now feels boring, digital marketing has enough space for us all.

    Yeah, I left routine debiting and crediting job in Nigeria’s best bank for 7 years in a row in 2016 to do digital marketing full-time. Trust me, it is a once-in-a-lifetime decision and I have no regret so far.

    Demand for Digital Marketing Jobs - stats

    Demand for Digital Marketing Jobs – stats

    BUT BEWARE: there are digital marketing jobs and there are digital marketing jobs!

    In order to prepare you for the best digital marketing jobs, I have highlighted very important skills you need below.

    You must prepare yourself with the right training, knowledge along with some ‘digital technicalities’ to get really good digital marketing jobs.

    Technicalities? Yes dear!

    Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics and Pay per Click have some jargon you need to romance, if you intend to have a successful relationship with digital marketing. Lol.

    Don’t get scared thou. You can learn as fast as you set your mind to do so.

    Before I offload my arsenal of required skills for interesting digital marketing jobs, the world’s leading training school in digital marketing has some tips that can prepare you for a great career as a digital marketing professional.

    Demand for Digital Marketing Jobs -statistics

    Demand for Digital Marketing Jobs -statistics

    Tips to be successful at digital marketing jobs:

    Be willing to learn: digital marketing field is evolving, evolving fast actually. You must be willing to learn fast, put new things you learn into work for better results, in order to succeed on digital marketing jobs.

    Evolve with trends: much as you need to learn fast as things change, you must evolve as a digital marketing professional. Identify digital marketing blogs, influencers on social media, among other authoritative industry news sources to keep you up to date on your digital marketing job.

    Hook up with like minds: people you work/relate with on your digital marketing job will go a long way to influence how successful you will become. You cannot imagine how much support you can get from a network of fellow vibrant digital marketing professional colleagues, especially when it comes to problem solving.

    Side hustle: above all, digital marketing gives you that life-enriching free space to explore ideas on your own. Grab that uncommon opportunity with both hands by embarking on your own personal projects. You will learn better and increase your confidence level with your side hustle.

    Read up more on 10 Tips on How To Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing Career.

    Digital marketing jobs: what skills do you need?

    Regardless of position, roles or job descriptions you will find for digital marketing jobs, some of the key skills you will need include:

    Digital Marketing jobs statistics 001

    Digital Marketing jobs statistics 001

    1. Email Marketing
    2. Web Analytics
    3. Social Media Marketing
    4. Mobile Marketing
    5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    6. Pay per Click advertising
    7. Digital strategy

    Digital marketing jobs: Email Marketing

    Email marketing seems to the easiest job in digital marketing profession but that is not true.

    If you want to be able to plan, execute, measure and reiterate email marketing campaigns that function well as part of an elaborate marketing strategy or as a stand-alone campaign that brings ROI, you must learn how it is done.

    For successful Email Marketing job, you must learn to:

    1. construct and deliver an effective email marketing campaign
    2. capture data of leads/customers
    3. segment/clean subscriber list periodically
    4. design engaging email template that you can tweak and re-use
    5. write effective email copy that is concise and not boring
    6. measure, report outcome of emails and campaigns
    7. split test different aspects of email campaign
    8. identify success metrics and keep an eye on them
    9. choose suitable Email Service Providers (ESP) and software tools
    10. execute intelligent email automation to engage audience

    Digital marketing jobs: Web Analytics

    Web (Data) Analytics helps you know what is working versus what should be thrown out of the window.

    As you will learn to initiate, iterate and integrate in digital marketing, you will appreciate the role of Web Analytics on any forward-thinking marketing team.  

    For successful Web Analytics job, you must learn to:

    1. measure, monitor and optimize digital marketing activities
    2. understand technical insights to build effective reporting structure
    3. use and combine various data analytics tools
    4. interpret data in order to make meaningful business decisions
    5. set up Google Analytics accounts, views and apply permissions at various levels
    6. align data, KPI and business objectives to ensure overall success
    7. develop detailed profile of target audience using location, demographics. interests, etc
    8. understand technical performance and speed of a website
    9. depict level of user engagement and monitor conversions from mere metrics
    10. set relevant goals (mostly for ecommerce), alerts and create custom reports

    Digital marketing jobs: Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing job is beyond scheduling posts and reporting tweets, comments and page likes at the end of the month. It is for brand advocacy.

    Since a businesses cannot control what people, competitors and influencers say about them online, it is compulsory to put up a human character on all relevant social networks which listen to, participate in conversations related to the businesses.

    For successful Social Media Marketing job, you must learn to:

    1. understand key concepts of social media marketing
    2. master content planning, posting and scheduling
    3. set measurable social media goals, KPIs and targets
    4. choose best social media ad objectives and formats
    5. set up and prepare paid social media marketing campaigns
    6. measure social media success metrics and relate them to business objectives
    7. respond to customers’ enquiries and complaints fast
    8. identify relevant trends, innovative ideas for great conversations
    9. identify suitable communication style for different platforms and campaigns
    10. Identify suitable social media platforms based on business objectives and available resources

    Digital Marketing jobs -social media marketing

    Digital Marketing jobs -social media marketing

    Digital marketing jobs: Mobile Marketing

    Some businesses get as much as 80% of their total traffic, engagement, content consumption from mobile devices. For such  companies, neglecting mobile optimization for every digital marketing activity is suicidal!

    Yes, it is like shooting oneself in the foot with a borrowed gun. You wonder how the borrowed weapon will be returned, right?

    Back to Mobile Marketing.

    It is personalized and mostly permission-based. Mobile Marketing will expose you to tools and outreach techniques that will help you deliver your marketing message to people in their most private zone.

    That is the beauty of mobile marketing, it sneaks into private parts where social media and other channels may be too loud to reach.  

    For successful Mobile Marketing job, you must learn to:

    1. create and deliver effective mobile marketing campaign
    2. capitalise on immediacy, mobility and personalization for campaign success
    3. understand basic components of a mobile-optimized website
    4. understand important attributes of a successful app and how to create one
    5. explore uniqueness of mobile search compared to desktop search
    6. appreciate the role of Google AdWords in mobile search
    7. identify opportunities to convert ‘always on’ target audience
    8. relate with different audiences based on context and their locations
    9. do mobile advertising using SMS, NFC, Bluetooth, QR coding, etc
    10. understand market validation using trials, reviews and iteration

    Digital marketing jobs: Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basically helps a business to get found online. It enriches you with know-how required to tweak a website and its content for audience who search for related terms online to find you.

    SEO is technical. SEO is a black box. SEO is what it is.

    I have heard a whole lot of different wrong remarks on how SEO works. But, the truth is that SEO is interesting. It works based on some fundamental principles you must understand and follow.

    For instance, do not skip Technical SEO on any project. Why?

    Noindex tag alone can ruin a campaign worth millions of dollars for you, if not resolved.

    As Search Engine Optimization experts, there will always be few of us compared to multitude of opportunities available as more new businesses storm the Internet thereby creating a more competitive online market in which every business wants to get found by their target audiences.

    For successful Search Engine Optimization job, you must learn to:

    1. understand how search works
    2. do keyword research and select suitable keywords for website
    3. use keyword-based meta-tags throughout website
    4. create, optimize and distribute effective content for content marketing
    5. know how websites are viewed and evaluated by search engine algorithms
    6. use SEO tools to help common search engines find, view and rank websites
    7. do off-page optimization to build relationships/links with other websites
    8. set baseline and know how to measure progress against set SEO target
    9. know key terminology and technical insights necessary to cultivate effective SEO strategy
    10. leverage key SEO techniques to improve website’s organic ranking on search engine results pages

    Digital marketing jobs: Pay per Click Advertising

    Pay per Click advertising is an online advertising model whereby you pay search engines to drive traffic and leads to your website. It helps you rank in search results for keywords you have not earned top organic position for.

    Pay per Click provides quick fixes for getting your business in front of search engine users as they look to know about, buy things or go to places of their interests.  

    For successful Pay per Click Advertising job, you must learn to:

    1. use paid search to effectively drive quality traffic to your website
    2. understand Pay per Click terminologies and technical skills
    3. set up a Google AdWords account and develop an AdWords campaign
    4. do effective keyword research and write good ad copy
    5. set up landing page that converts visitors and leads to paying customers
    6. understand, tweak AdWords account settings and campaign management
    7. use specialised PPC tools for effective campaign that optimizes ad spend
    8. analyze search marketing trend and tailor campaigns accordingly
    9. recognize the features of effective, optimized ads
    10. set and manage budgets for AdWords campaigns and measure results

    Digital Marketing jobs -digital strategy

    Digital Marketing jobs -digital strategy

    Digital marketing jobs: Digital Strategy

    Digital Strategy is required to coordinate all relevant online channels for an overall successful campaign.

    As a Digital Strategist, you are saddled with the responsibility of  integrating SEO, email, Social Media, PPC, Digital Display ad and Mobile marketing in order to achieve the business objectives at hand.  

    Talk of creating digital marketing blueprint or actionable digital plan for all other specialists to follow on your way to delivering great results within reasonable time frame.

    Please note: results and time are critical for a Digital Strategist who knows his/her onions.

    For successful Digital Strategy job, you must learn to:

    1. create a formal digital marketing plan for in-house team or digital agencies
    2. do thorough situation analysis on which strategy will be built
    3. do effective intelligence gathering
    4. measure ongoing success and iterate
    5. define target audience and develop appropriate profile
    6. develop clear, meaningful objectives for the digital marketing plan
    7. set out clearcut action plan to bring the digital marketing strategy to live
    8. set budget for the campaign, follow up with all parties on deliverables
    9. understand how the iterative cycle of monitoring, analysis and adjustment works
    10. lay out coherent project structure that outlines milestones, deliverable and resources

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    how to start a blog -why start a blog

    How to Start a Blog: Why Small Business Needs Blogging

    How to start a blog was thoroughly dealt with in one of my recent posts. But, most of the questions I came across thereafter was why should a businesses invest in blogging.

    Ordinarily, business blog is a marketing asset, just like company social media pages. Making a business owner to accept to start a blog has not that being that ordinary though.

    This is why I decided to follow up the how to start a blog for small business in Nigeria post with this; answer all possible questions regarding what a business will gain from blogging consistently.

    What makes blog different from website?
    A blog is a journal on the internet or your online diary which you frequently update to keep your audience up to date about you or your business. While a website is a collection of web pages or documents which are accessible via the internet.

    Only e-commerce websites and a few transactional websites get frequent updates with fresh content while many other businesses leave their webiste to become mere online brochure.

    Yet, these dormant websites need leads and new businesses from online users. What an irony?

    If your website is optimized for search, your meta tags, image alt text, inbound and internal links are intact, you have a wonderful traffic-generating website. #wehdonesir!

    Let’s flip the script and reason like a prospect for a moment…

    You have a burning issue to solve. You Google and find a website that sells what solves the problem or offers services that can resolve the issue. Clicking through to the website, you find out more about the organization on their website.

    how to start a blog

    how to start a blog

    You take their contact details and plan to reach them later. To be honest, you have an idea of who can solve the problem already but there is so much uncertainty as to how that problem is actually going to be solved.

    What small business blog offers prospects?
    Over time, a blog is supposed to address issues, answer questions common to the industry, support or criticize school of thoughts on matters arising.

    In order to give prospects reasons to contact you immediately, you must have, through your blog posts, identified problem(s), provided perspectives to his situation, proffered solution to his problem and positioned your business to effectively tackle the problem.

    Your company website introduces your business to the world as a problem solver. It is a consistent blog that helps the world start solving their problems even before they get in touch with you.

    Why you need to know how to start a blog?
    Whatever form of value you offer, using blog to explain your processes, share your success stories, take a stranger through how you have solved similar problems is not impossible.

    One thing is certain, every business that has a product to sell has a story to tell.

    Blogging is one effective means of telling your story as a business. When you run promos both online and offline directing prospects to your website, it is a vibrant blog that can make first-time visitors come again after the first encounter.

    What can small business blog about?

    • explain your product design processes
    • answer ‘FAQ’ questions about your product
    • provide interactive guide to how best your product works

    So many milestones can be achieved small business blog. But, please, don’t use it to blow your honorable trumpet. A blog that is too salesy get boring quickly.

    How will blog benefit small business?

    • Conversion
    • Customer satisfaction and retention
    • Brand awareness
    • Direct sales
      Subscription to newsletter

    It may interest you to know that your entire buyer’s journey can be summarized into a blog post.

    How to capture buyer’s journey with small business blog?

    Use links within the blog post to direct readers to landing page, product pages or other pages
    where they can take profitable action.

    A blog post could contain text, images, links and a video. While the plain text addresses a particular topic that the blog post is about, you can embed internal links that lead a reader through the conversion process in clickable texts.

    Besides text and links, well-crafted images (with Alt text and descriptive caption) can help buttress your topic.

    Use Images within the blog post to break down seemingly complex process your customers might have complained about in their feedback

    Such instructive blog post can come in handy when your online customer service rep needs a bullet-point to support his/her response to customers’ complaint. Your rep could forward the link or refer the customer to read further.

    Use Video to engage prospects.

    There is practically nothing any business does that video cannot be used to demonstrate. A video can be used to explain an offer, your CEO could address customers using video on your blog post.

    Customers’ experiences can be made into series of short videos. Think of everything you can do to attract and retain customers, a short –less than 15mins max- video will blow your mind in terms of engagement.

    How to a start a blog -business blogging

    How to a start a blog -business blogging

    What are the roles of blogging in marketing?

    This bothers on the content strategy for your blog. Of course, you do not want to wake up
    tomorrow morning a blogger for your business without clear, concrete, sustainable plan for research,
    development, distribution and promotion of your blog.

    As you choose topics, titles prior to blog content development, have at the back of your mind which of your buyer personas that particular blog post is meant for.

    READ ALSO: Keyword Research Tools for Small Business in Nigeria

    Also take into consideration, what stage of the purchase funnel the buyer personas are before
    developing the content of your blog post.

    You don’t want to target everybody and you don’t want to address more than a particular topic
    per blog post.

    A blog post could be aimed at attracting strangers to your business, convert new visitors to leads, closing leads to customers or delighting existing customers so they
    become promoters of your business.

    To attract strangers, your blog post should identify and explain a particular problem. To convert a visitor to a lead, you could blog about an offer while you place a call-to-action for that offer or similar offer in a conspicuous place of the web page.

    To close leads into customers, your blog post should position your product or service as the solution to the problem already identified and explained.

    Some copy-writing plus appraisal of your offers is allowed here, but be careful not to over-do it.
    For customer delight, you could blog about how your brand makes life better for customers. You could address after-sale complaints made via such blog posts. Customers’ suggestions could be the center of blog posts like these as well.

    By sincerely putting yourself in your existing customers’ shoes, you definitely will know what to blog about that will promote customer loyalty.

    how to start a blog -what small business can blog about

    how to start a blog -what small business can blog about

    Whose duty should blogging be in my organization?

    Much as everyone in your organization may not be good writers, everyone is eligible to make contribution
    to a successful business blog.

    After you have outlined topics relevant to your purpose, every prospective contributor to your blog content should be guided your blog content mission statement.

    It is advisable to have someone or a team dedicated to developing content, distributing and promoting your business blog.

    This brings some sense of responsibility. Though, content development should not be limited to this person or team. The reason is that the idea some people within your organization will give towards your blog content could be amazing.

    Everyone who interacts with customers, whether in sales, marketing or customer service, should be encouraged to contribute towards your blog. It could be what a customer confide in them or what trend they notice in consumers’ behavior that would trigger your hit blog of all time.

    Everyone can’t blog for your business, but everyone has the potential to make meaningful impact on your blog as a stakeholder.

    Hope you found one or two reasons why you need to learn how to start a blog today.

    How To Start A Blog in 2017 : Beginners Guide To Blogging

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    Digital Marketing Trends 2017 feat image

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017: Insights into What’s Working for Successful Brands

    These are Digital Marketing Trends 2017 that are really making senseA handful of Trends were predicted to shape audience engagement, lead generation and conversions for businesses in 2017.

    Some of the predicted Digital Marketing Trends have lived up to the hype, while some have managed to hang in there.

    So far in 2017, we have seen Digital Marketing Trends evolve with content marketing as some successful businesses have used entertainment, information and educative content to engage more customers, also gain new ones in the process.

    Here, I take a eagle-eye view of Digital Marketing landscape across the world for the past couple of months in 2017 and picked out five Digital Marketing Trends that have shaped successes of businesses, both online and offline.

    Why Digital Marketing Trends 2017?

    Success always leaves track, same way history annoyingly repeats itself most of the time.

    So, if you believe being around successful people is a critical ingredient to being successful as a person, you need to learn from successful Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 to refix your Digital Marketing cooking pot.

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017

    In legendary Michael Bolton’s voice, we all need somebody to lean on. Right?

    Lean on me for the success of your next Digital Marketing campaign.

    Lean on these Digital Marketing Trends 2017. Lean on them!

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017: 360-Degree Video

    360-degree video, aka immersive video, aka spherical video, is a video content created by recording a view in every direction at the same time.  

    [bctt tweet=”#360-degree #video can be shot with an omni-directional camera or a collection of cameras.” username=”obadeyemi”]

    360-degree video can be shot with an omni-directional camera or a collection of cameras. When you play it back, you have control of the viewing direction like a panorama.

    360-Degree Video as Emerging Digital Marketing Trend

    360-Degree video is meant to create immersive user experience. This is great for audience engagement, it is great for increasing audience retention period.

    Audience immersion is my major reason for considering it as an emerging DIgital Marketing Trend in 2017. For brands looking to increase interaction with users.

    Maybe you have  a product with low adoption or cold reception. Just saying.

    You could consider creating 360-Degree video content around the product, get an influencer to use it in a 360-Degree video or use 360-Degree to capture various users showcasing the product.

    Take advantage of Facebook 360-Degree video for social media enthusiasts. Youtube 360-Degree video will be nice for hub content type for marketing campaigns that cuts across online and offline channels.

    Red Bull Global Rallycross came up with Racewithhonda. It lets users take a ride in the 2016 Honda Red Bull Global Rallycross Civic and feel the thrill with 360-degree views – powered by Experius VR and GoPro.

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017: Live Video

    Do I have to hype Live Video as an emerging Digital Marketing Trend for 2017 for you? Did you join Nathaniel Bassey’s #HallelujahChallenge?

    At its peak, CNN observed that around 68,000 people joined the Instagram live stream of #HallelujahChallenge,  while over 50,000 joined the Facebook live stream.

    Statistics from Evolve Press reveal 10,000 posts with the hashtag “#HallelujahChallenge” and over 18,000 with the hashtag “#olowogbogboro” making it the number one trend in Nigeria.

    Nathaniel Bassey somehow gave us probably the most viral worship session in recent times. #HallelujahChallenge was meant to be an hour of praise and worship session ery midnight for 30 days showing live on Instagram and Facebook.

    As the odds would have it.  #HallelujahChallenge was hit. A massive hit at that.

    Nathaniel Bassey got a CNN feature based on how incredibly viral #HallelujahChalenge turned out within those 30 freaking days.

    No beef intended, but I saw it as product launch formula from day 1. Having followed Jeff Walker and Eben Pagan for a while. I saw the signs on the wall our viral Instagram worship leader was about launching a product into the market.

    And then, it turned out that #HallelujahChallenge gave birth to ‘Olowogbogboro’ album.  How much the album has raked in, Adeyemi does not know.

    But, I know if you study carefully how #HallelujahChallenge started subtly with no major PR and grabbed audience attention for a month, you may develop a deal breaker for your business using social media Live video.

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017: Native Ad

    Banner blindness keeps display ads. There are no signs yet that display ads will yield maximum profit, despite the intervention of Programmatic Ad.

    Native Ad can be a lifesaver. Yeah, it can.

    Let me explain how.

    Native Ad allows advertiser to create content in such a way that audience sees it as ‘original content’ by the publisher. Some publishers do have the resources to create great custom content for marketers.

    You can leverage the performance of your display ads on different publishers’ pages to inform your investment in Native Ad.

    What I simply is that you test content idea or campaign approach with minimal budget invested in display ads. The little results you get from these test display ads, can be used to heavily fund Native Ads on such or similar platforms.

    If it turns out that your target audience responds positively to some type of ad via display, why not pay top publishers to create similar content and spread it to a larger audience?

    You grab?

    [bctt tweet=”Think of recent fantastic native ads campaign, think of Swiss real estate company, @homegatere” username=”obadeyemi”]

    Homegate’s native ad campaign integrated its brand into the vibrant imaginations of children using Oculus Rift technology. Homegate created native ad for Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten in conjunction withthe Bandara agency and film production company Frame Engine.

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017 -Native Advertising

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017 -Native Advertising

    Homegate’s native ad campaign asked children to draw their dream houses. The three most creative renderings from children who participated were brought to life in virtual reality.

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017:  Wearables

    Many people think of technology as putting the entire planet system inside a phone or portable device. But, wearables have re-defined how technology can be leveraged for marketing.

    For me, technology does not necessarily have to some sophisticated piece of astronomical project. Technology is a innovative way of doing something or doing common thing differently.

    Tell me my definition is too basic. My reply is atankio! I like keeping it short and simple.

    Roman Abramovich, the Russian Chelsea FC owner appreciated his players for winning last season’s English Premiership title with customized expensive wrist-watches. It is a token of appreciation from the club and the owner, though I see it beyond that.

    Although Chelsea might have seen this gesture as a way of motivating players, also to remind them to come early to training. It is some great PR effort for Hublot, who designed the watch.

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017 -Wearables

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017 -Wearables

    Hublot designed customized wrist watches for Chelsea, thus, every the news spread to, it reminds readers that Hublot can make state-of-the-art watches for them.

    Subtle reminder towards Hublot’s target audience? Top of the mind awareness right there for leads? Some brand visibility to checkmate competition?

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017:  Mobile Optimization

    Explosion of mobile devices, smart phones in particular, fast tracked the growth of Internet and Digital Marketing. It is not news that Digital Marketers should optimize their campaigns for mobile.

    Whether it is email marketing campaign, web content, display ads or whatsoever campaign, mobile optimization makes a lot of difference.

    If you are reading this from your phone, I need not remind why the question of mobile optimization should always come up in Digital Marketing campaigns.

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017 -Mobile Optimization Stats

    Digital Marketing Trends 2017 -Mobile Optimization Stats

    These are only five of the notable Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 so far. Hope you have found one to work to make your Digital Marketing campaign a lot better.

    Stay glued to this page, more Digital Marketing Trends, updates and stats are on the way. Thanks for reading.


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    Business Plan Template -How to Make a Plan

    How to Make One-page Business Plan for Your Idea

    Wondering how to create business plan for your awesome small business ideas?

    Follow these 15 steps to create actionable one-page business plan that simplifies takeoff of your business from mere idea to actual company in few weeks.

    After reading this, you should be able to make your own business plan template. So, let’s get to know what business plan is and is not, why newbie small business owners are so crazy about business plan template, how you can make you own unique business and some examples of  good business plan.

    What did I promise you? How to make a business plan template. It will be a one-page business plan and it will rock!

    What is a Business Plan?

    A business plan is a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them.  It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.

    That’s what Wiki called it.

    Business Plan Template -How to Make a One-page Business Plan

    Business Plan Template -How to Make a One-page Business Plan

    What Is  Business Plan Template?

    Business Plan Template is an off-the-shelf guide meant to help different business owners understand how to start a business, generate money and make the business sustainable over a period of time.

    Being a ready-made document, small business owners are expected to customize a business plan template into a proper business plan for their business.

    What is Business Plan Outline?

    At the heart of your business plan should be your Unique Value Proposition (USP). When you are clear on what will make your business unique, how to make a business plan will be a bit easier.

    Besides, I found these military principles of strategy mind-blowing and I want to share with you. I love the discipline and mission-driven approach the military use to handle things.

    Having said this, kindly permit me to compare a business plan with military strategy and these are seven military principles of strategy that your business plan should contain:

    • Objective
    • Offensive
    • Concentration
    • Economy
    • Flexibility
    • Surprise
    • Momentum

    Whichever approach you use to make your business plan, or any business plan template you decide to use for your business, check it to be sure that it aligns with these military principles of strategy.

    Business Plan Template -How to Make a One-page Business Plan

    Business Plan Template -How to Make a One-page Business Plan

    How to Make a Business Plan Template for Small Business?

    Step 1: Define Mission Statement for your small business. SImply put, what impact do you want to make on your customer’s life or business?

    Step 2: Outline your values as a business. What will your small business stand for, as an entity?

    Step 3: State clearly Unique Value Proposition for your small business. This is what will stand you out in the market. Among all available options, why should customers do business with you?

    Step 4: As briefly as possible, describe your primary target audience – ideal customer for your small business. This is when it becomes clear to you what your market size looks like. Do you have a buyer persona?

    Step 5: Come up with a marketing strategy. Marketing strategy for your small business should comprise your area of specialization, product differentiation, segmentation and concentration. How will you sell more of what you sell?

    Step 6: Layout your marketing mix. Map out how things will play out among these success factors of a small business -product, price, place, people, promotion, packaging, and positioning. How will you combine all these factors for a successful small business?

    Step 7: Study your market, study your competition. Competition should not dictate how you run your small business, but you cannot close your eyes at them as if they do not exist. Who are your direct or indirect competitors and how is your offer superior or inferior to theirs?

    Step 8: Do a detailed budget of how much will get your small business started and running  for at least 5 months. Do you need to pay some due, deposit some funds or buy certain technology to get started, how much?

    Step 9: Estimate your projected income till you break even. How much do you need to earn or how many units of service/product must you sell to keep your small business afloat before you start making profit?

    Step 10: Consider sources of funds for early stage of your small business and be blunt with yourself with this. In most cases, people get funds from family, friends, bootstrap or crowdsource funds until the small business can successfully scale, how would you handle this?

    [bctt tweet=”Consider sources of funds for early stage of your #smallbusiness and be blunt with yourself with this. ” username=”obadeyemi”]

    Step 11: Plan your distribution channel and workflow. Unless you want to buy your all your products by yourself, you should be clear on how to get them to the market at this point in time. Would you link up directly with retailers or make wholesalers to get the products off you and handle distribution, while you focus more on making great products?

    Step 12: Pen down the skills required to get out your dreams. This is where you plan your startup workforce. Be careful of random hires or cheap labour. Can you sell your dream small business to conspirators who will join you to realize them or you need some help?

    Step 13: Make a clear financial plan that comprises monthly projected income, running costs (expenses and salaries inclusive) and profit line. Assuming you are investor, after reading financial plan for your small, will you invest in it?

    Business Plan Template -How to Make a One-page Business Plan

    Business Plan Template -How to Make a One-page Business Plan

    Step 14: Set out action points for implement your business plan. What will you do now, today, tomorrow, next week, next month to get your small business running?

    Step 15: Check and then check again by going through every little details of your business plan to be sure you have fully dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.

  • Content Marketing
    How to Create a Blog for Small Business in Nigeria

    How to Create a Blog for Small Business in Nigeria

    How to create a blog for small business becomes the next question after a business has decided to do content marketing. Some companies claim to be doing content marketing without active blogs though. I hope yours won’t be like that.

    Let’s say you genuinely want to know how to create a blog for small business, this is the most hands-on guide you will find on the Internet as at today. 

    There are four issues you have to resolve in order to create a blog for a small business. I mean a successful business blog that will increase awareness, generate more leads, and convert more customers at cheaper rate than advertising. 

    How do I Create a Blog for Small Business?

    These are what you must put in place for a successful small business blog:

    • Purpose of the blog -state clearly what your business will achieve with blog
    • Benefits to readers -what your business blog will help audience to achieve
    • Content Ideas -topics that add value to audience and promote your business

    Now, let’s do this.

    You should properly outline these points I made. They will help you flesh out an effective blogging strategy for a small business.

    Blogging for small business without documented strategy is like touring without map or guide. You will go places, but you won’t know where exactly you are and how to reach where you set out to go in the first place.

    To ensure you do not cumber yourself with a trial-and-error mission regarding blogging for your small business, I will open the can of ideas (not worms, nah) I have used over time effectively.

    In case you don’t know, I took a website with Domain Authority (DA) 13 to 23 with SEO, blogging, social shares and guest posting for backlinks building within 4 months. You can ask me in private for details, so you go and confirm.

    Did I write that to brag? Hell no. It is to  assure you that I am sharing with you the drugs that have cured me in recent past.

    Why create a blog for small business?

    Target the right audience with blog for small business.

    How to Create a Blog for Small Business -Business Objectives

    Blogging for small business helps you attract the kind of audience you want, inasmuch as as you consider a particular audience segment while planning the content.

    For instance, you need you most leads do not convert to customers. You could make findings into why they are not buying despite they have shown interest before. Then, create content that solves this problem.

    If you have processes that are a bit complicated, you could create engaging  content to demystify the bottleneck. Search also for questions interested buyers are asking and answer such questions with your blog posts.

    Capture Influencers for promotion as you create blog posts.

    You need influencers to help spread your content. Quoting, referencing or mentioning influencers can get you attention quickly. Make sure you quote influencers correctly and your mentions are quite relevant.

    How to Create a Blog for Small Business -Influencers

    Twitter search for topics being discussed, checking Facebook and LinkedIn groups, questions on Quora will give you clue as to what influencers in your niche are talking about at the moment.

    Rank website higher in organic search

    One vital way of increasing organic ranking in search is blogging. Except you are industry regulator or trade union, people will rarely share your webpages with their audience.

    However, if your small business blog churns out tons of great content consistently, you will naturally attract back links, guest posts requests and social shares. These factors increase credibility with search engines. And as such, your website ranks higher over time.

    Answer FAQ or show how to use a product.

    Answering questions relating to your business or industry makes you a fixer. Everyone loves a fixer, don’t you?

    Wondering where to find questions to answer on blog you create for your small business, use Twitter search, check forums, groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Through these channels, you will find what people want to know about.

    Answer such questions with evidence, if you have results to show for the solution you are recommending.

    Get audience to take action (conversion).

    Apart from aiming to smooth-talk prospects into doing what you want, great content can motivate them to do so, also share with their friends.

    I am yet to meet that person who does not excited when he is considered helpful. As human, it gives us some superior feeling when we realize that we are adding value to others through our actions.

    How-to-Leverage-Gated-Content-to-Boost-Conversions -how to content

    You could tie each blog post to a business activity your readers should take. Maybe you are promoting an app, ebook, offer or whatever, find that place of relevance between what you are blogging about with what you intend to sell.

    Every blog post could end with a call to action, for readers to do something. It is a not a crime, if you ask me.

    The next thing after determining the business objectives of your blog is to outline how to create blog for small business in such a way that your audience will find it useful.

    It is not enough to be a person of success, be a person of significance. Right?

    That is it.

    Blog posts you create for small business should not just be about selling your brand out. If audience genuinely find value in your blog, you have earned loyal followers who will always visit your website; be it for buying or for reading to gain knowledge.

    How will blog for small business help audience?

    Help audience solve a problem or accomplish a task.

    This is the place of how-to content in blog for small business. There are too many problems to solve in this life. Businesses make money by solving problems in the first place.

    Find problems to solve for your audience. They will learn from your content and share with friends. This blog post is an example of what I am saying here.

    Inform audience of new topics/trends/updates/tips.

    While planning how to create a blog for small business, consider providing latest news, updates, various views of industry leaders as they come by. Always having fresh authentic content consistently is great for building followership.

    Followership is hard to come by without consistency. Do you agree?

    Inspire amplification/linking by name mentioning or reviewing

    Planning how to create a blog for small business will not be complete without including content ideas that will let you quote thought leaders, review some other products, or do follow up on what influencers are up to at the moment. 

    Content that mention influencers attract social shares like magnet. Try it!

    Create association with other brands.

    Individuals win matches, teams win championships. On this note, I want to remind you that you should plan to partner with other brands for your small business blog.

    When you partner with other businesses to create content, all parties leverage on the pool of audiences available on all sides. Brands that are not in direct competition with yours or complementary products will make great partnership regarding blog for small business.

    Entertain audience/provoke opinion sharing

    This is a twin piece of advice from me. Entertaining content works across all businesses, regardless of scope, size or age. The same thing goes to opinion-driven content.

    Comedians are great content marketers, in case you do not know. Use some humor in your content.

    Why are comedians great content marketers?

    Comedians squeeze humour out of everyday happenings. The level of creativity used by successful comedians will challenge you to go extra mile to create original content for your target audience.

    One other lesson from comedians on how to create a blog for small business: successful comedians -don’t over-use their materials. They constantly develop new materials, new jokes, in order to stay fresh and relevant.

    Avoid re-hashing other people’s content. Be original, be fresh!

    How do I create a blog for small business?

    These are actionable steps on how to create a blog for small business::

    • Define target audience by classifying readers into visitors, leads and customers. This helps you create the right content for different people within marketing funnel.
    • Choose content pillars that will educate, inform, entertain, share opinion, or do expert roundups to get different perspectives from professionals on the same topic idea, concept or approach.
    • Plan, publish and promote content for different audience/classes segment for optimal targeting. This helps you  know what CTA or next step to urge audience to take after consuming each piece of content. Share your posts on high authority platforms and link back to your website.
    • Identify influencers -draw a list of notable bloggers, social influencers, link sources, thought leaders in your industry. You sure don’t want to create content that nobody is willing to share. Foster relationships with influencers,  pitch your content to them for backlinks and social shares.
    • Guest Posting will expose your blog to wider audience, so you have to take it seriously. Follow other contributors and participate on leading platforms in your industry. If all you get from guest posting or supporting other popular guest contributors are back links or mentions, good for you. This will take your small business out of obscurity.

    What should small business blog about?

    How to Create a Blog for Small Business

    I come across people asking for content ideas for small business blog. These are my suggestions:

    • Frequently Asked Question
    • Research, insights and data from experiments
    • Survey outcomes in form of chart, diagrams, infographics
    • Industry news and updates
    • Opinions of thought leaders
    • Expert roundups on common problems
    • User reviews or feedback or complaints
    • Testimonials
    • Latest Trends in the market
    • Topics on forums, questions on Quora, Facebook/LinkedIn group discussions

    These are steps and actions I have taken in recent time to help small businesses increase brand awareness, online visibility, lead generation, convert and engage more customers chiefly on meager or no budget at all.

    Try them out, I know they will give you awesome results. Feel free to use the comment box to share thoughts, ideas, approach or effective strategy on how to create a blog for small business that you know.