What is a 301 Redirect, and When Should You Use One?

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What is a 301 Redirect, and When Should You Use One?


I moved five times within the last one year. And each single time I moved, I forgot to register to absorb my mail forwarded to my sleek address.

Mail forwarding is a distinguished step in any though-provoking direction of, as it ensures you don’t lose any treasured files that is dispensed to you.

And the a similar could perhaps furthermore be said to your web site: For these that are though-provoking a web site from one URL to 1 other, you’ve got gotten to pick the mandatory steps to make advantageous your company salvage sent to the ideal residing. On this planet of tech, here’s called a 301 redirect.

Here, we are going to chat about what a 301 redirect is and as soon as you’ve got gotten to employ one, moreover redirect a URL in HubSpot or WordPress. Furthermore, we are going to explore the differences between a 301 and 302 redirect.

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What is a 301 (eternal) redirect?

301 is an HTTP reputation code sent by a web server to a browser. A 301 signals a eternal redirect from one URL to 1 other, meaning all customers that demand an veteran URL will seemingly be robotically sent to a sleek URL. A 301 redirect passes all ranking vitality from the veteran URL to the sleek URL, and is most normally frail when a page has been permanently moved or eradicated from a web site.

301 is one of many that that you just can perhaps be in a web site to bid HTTP reputation codes, some of which you’ve got gotten presumably heard of (including 404 – Now no longer Chanced on, 403 – Forbidden and, 500 – Server Error). Need to you consult with a web site and the server sends the page most ceaselessly, the reputation code it attaches to that page is 200 – OK.

You can perhaps be in a web site to bid a 301 redirect respect a mail forwarder. Whereas you’ve got gotten moved a bit of assert material a long way from a particular URL, anybody who tries to consult with this could perhaps receive a 404 – page no longer realized message.

To make stronger their user lunge, that you just can perhaps be in a web site to demand the server to forward visits from the veteran URL to a sleek web site — the sleek home of your piece of assert material — the employ of a 301 redirect.

Now, as soon as you are trying to consult with the veteran URL, the server will ship attend the 301 – Permanently Moved reputation code, and then switch you on to the sleek web site.

This happens so quickly that you just’re most ceaselessly no longer responsive to it, and could perhaps merely extinguish up on the piece of assert material for which that you just can perhaps searched. You would scrutinize that the URL is diversified from the one you clicked on or typed in. Otherwise you would desire a browser extension equivalent to Ayima Redirect Route which enables you to comprehend as soon as you’ve got gotten been redirected.

The diversified key role that a 301 redirect fulfills is with engines like google. Having precious reputation codes that wisely signal where assert material has moved to enables engines like google equivalent to Google and Bing to abet their index up-to-date.

Essentially, a 301 redirect will let engines like google know: “Hello, you perceive that piece of assert material that customers enjoyed clicking on from the SERPs? Well, it now lives over here, so pick all that visibility you associated to this page, and switch it over to this sleek URL.”

Attributable to this 301 redirects are main for SEO.

Now that now we absorb lined that, let’s dive into how to procedure a 301 redirect for yourself. 

Guidelines on how to Enact a 301 Redirect In a CMS

The specific direction of of imposing a 301 redirect varies from CMS to CMS and platform to platform. Whereas we’re no longer in a web site to chat in regards to the specifics of every CMS platform, we can pick a shut inspect at HubSpot and WordPress. With barely luck, these instructions could perhaps peaceful support you salvage began no topic the CMS you employ.

Guidelines on how to Redirect a URL in HubSpot

HubSpot makes it easy so to add 301 eternal redirects interior the tool. To house up a redirect in HubSpot:

1. Click Settings (the cog within the stay loyal nook).

2. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Web page > Domains and URLs.

the website menu for adding a 301 redirect in hubspot

3. Click the URL Redirects tab, then click on Add URL redirect within the stay loyal.

the domains and urls menu for adding a 301 redirect in hubspot

This exhibits a loyal-facet panel. We will hasten over some employ conditions later, but for now let’s inspect on the decisions on this panel.


In most conditions, that you just can perhaps are wanting to implement a single page-to-page redirect. In this case, use Commonplace.

the redirect type menu for adding a 301 redirect in hubspot

Next, that you just can perhaps are wanting so to add the Usual URL and the Redirect to URL to your veteran and sleek URLs, respectively.


Click Add URL Redirect and the redirect will seemingly be added to HubSpot.

We furthermore counsel checking out your redirect. First, wait a few minutes for the exchange to look at to the server. Next, strive visiting the accepted URL in an incognito browser window and test that it works as expected.


In some conditions, increasing single page-to-page redirects is intensely inefficient. To illustrate, as soon as you’ve got gotten excellent moved a total folder of assert material, that you just can perhaps absorb 15 pages interior a subfolder that you just now want to redirect. In such conditions, or no longer it is a greater thought to employ a Flexible redirect.

You can perhaps be in a web site to bid a versatile redirect as a formula or a rule. This could perhaps allow you to redirect all the pieces interior a excellent folder to a advantageous folder while keeping the remainder of the URL the a similar.

Need to you use Flexible redirect, HubSpot will robotically provide you the link to the versatile URL pattern redirect support page, which supplies you with particular steering on employ the syntax for this characteristic.

More Alternate suggestions

Under More Alternate suggestions, HubSpot gives diverse evolved variations on these redirect styles.

more options  for adding a 301 redirect in hubspot

This could perhaps allow you to bring a 302 Non eternal Redirect or a proxy redirect (redirect the assert material of a stay page without altering the URL shown within the shopper’s browser) as an different, use the mumble which HubSpot strikes thru the redirect suggestions when resolving a URL (that would exchange which legit rule is led to), disable a redirect if assert material is mask on the URL, abet demand strings, drive HTTPS, and drive trailing slashes on the stay of all URLs.

Guidelines on how to Redirect a URL in WordPress

For these that aren’t a HubSpot buyer, then that you just can perhaps want to look at 301 redirects in a different procedure. WordPress is the preferred CMS within the sector, so it is a long way brilliant for us to touch upon how one could perhaps hasten about taking a inspect at redirects in a WordPress context subsequent.

Nonetheless, or no longer it is a long way fundamental to mask that WordPress itself is intensely versatile. Installations of WordPress can vary wildly, and so there isn’t any longer a one-dimension-matches-all handbook we can provide as became as soon as the case with the HubSpot CMS.

If in doubt, seek the advice of your web developer in relation to including URL redirects.

Assert a redirect throughout the server itself.

How one can observe redirects from a tempo and technical point of gaze is throughout the gather server itself, in desire to relying on WordPress. WordPress doesn’t provide a facility to implement 301 redirects out-the-box, even supposing there are plugins readily within the market that affords you with access to this functionality.

The direction of of applying 301 redirects throughout the server itself will vary reckoning on the machine stack your server is the employ of. You is seemingly to be the employ of Apache, Nginx, IIS, or some diversified platform, every of which requires a advantageous come. This could perhaps furthermore vary relying to your hosting supplier.

For these that procedure no longer know observe a redirect throughout the server itself, or no longer it is no longer one thing we would counsel twiddling with as it can perhaps lead to an interruption of service to your web site — as an different, we would counsel consulting with your IT personnel, host, or web pattern partner.

Redirect a URL the employ of a free WordPress plugin.

In most cases in marketing, you’ll want to compromise that optimum solution for the solution that you just can perhaps be in a web site to if fact be told manufacture. That is seemingly to be a form of conditions. For these that is seemingly to be no longer in a web site to implement a redirect through your server, absorb in thoughts the employ of a WordPress plugin. That is no longer the optimum procedure — plugins are slower, and that you just can perhaps need to depend on third-salvage collectively code, so proceed at your respect risk.

Every plugin interface will seemingly be diversified, so seek the advice of your chosen plugin’s documentation for particular steering. Here, we are going to temporarily bolt thru house up 301 redirects with the free Redirection plugin:

1. Install and activate the Redirection plugin.

the redirection plugin for adding 301 redirects in wordpress

2. Navigate to Settings > Redirection and observe the setup instructions.

the basic setup menu in the redirection plugin  for adding 301 redirects in wordpress

3. At the stay of setup, that you just can perhaps be taken to the plugin Alternate suggestions menu. So that you just can add a sleek redirect, use Redirects from the stay menu.

the options menu  for adding 301 redirects in wordpress

4. Under Redirects, that you just can perhaps be in a web site to gaze your total active 301 redirects and add sleek ones. So that you just can add a sleek 301 redirect, below Add sleek redirection insert a Supply URL (the veteran URL) and a Purpose URL (the sleek URL).

the add new redirect interface  for adding 301 redirects in wordpress

5. Click Add Redirect. You can perhaps now behold the sleek redirect to your list of active redirects.

When to Exhaust a 301 Redirect

Here are some particular conditions where that you just can perhaps are wanting to succeed in for the 301 redirect as a tool.

1. Changing a URL.

Per chance your accepted URL became as soon as poorly optimized, or you is seemingly to be re-organizing the folder constructing of your web site URLs.

Transferring a bit of assert material in HubSpot CMS is intensely easy — excellent exchange the URL on the settings tab of the assert material’s edit page, and HubSpot will robotically add a URL redirect for you. Guarantee to test that here’s working earlier than you development on.

2. Recreating a bit of assert material.

In most cases, you would are wanting to entirely rebuild your veteran piece of assert material on an fully sleek page — as an instance, as soon as you use you respect to need to employ a advantageous web site template. 

In this case, that you just can perhaps are wanting to make advantageous you’ve got gotten utilized a in point of fact easy 301 redirect from the veteran URL to your sleek one. As soon as here’s in residing, manufacture advantageous that to unpublish and archive the veteran page.

If doing all these, we counsel the employ of a versatile rule or, if a versatile rule is no longer appropriate, the employ of a tool equivalent to Screaming Frog SEO Spider on the side of Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to map your redirects in bulk, and then import them into HubSpot.

You can perhaps be in a web site to procedure this on the URL Redirects page the employ of the Import button:

the file upload prompt for bulk 301 redirects in hubspot

HubSpot gives you with a sample file to constructing your redirects, and a link to the bulk upload redirects support page.

3. Consolidating several pieces of assert material.

For these that’ve got gotten made up our minds that you just absorb gotten a few pieces of assert material that overlap, compete for the a similar key phrases, or all quilt the a similar topic, you would are wanting to consolidate them. Nonetheless, that you just can perhaps no longer are wanting to throw away the hunt engine visibility that these veteran pages could perhaps want accomplished.

Whereas you’ve got gotten created your sleek, consolidated helpful resource, you would peaceful house up a in point of fact easy 301 redirect from every of the veteran pages to the single sleek page.

4. Migrating assert material from one domain to 1 other.

For these that are though-provoking your web site from one domain to 1 other, it is a long way vitally main that you just implement page-to-page 301 redirects from your veteran assert material to your sleek assert material.

That is inconspicuous if the positioning is though-provoking a web site, but final the a similar in relation to constructing and structure. If the assert material is altering or being restructured, it is a long way peaceful main that you just manufacture shining redirection choices that honor your customers’ accepted intent, in mumble to circulate the visibility of every of your veteran pages to their sleek counterparts.

When imposing page-to-page 301 redirects from one domain to 1 other, you’ve got gotten a particular mumble to absorb in thoughts: your redirects needs to be served from the accepted URL.

It is ineffective if, as an instance, you’ve got gotten linked HubSpot to your sleek domain, but no longer your veteran domain, for you to then host the 301 redirects to your veteran domain onto HubSpot. You can perhaps want to work with your IT partner, web pattern partner, and/or HubSpot partner to make certain that serving redirects from your veteran domain has been accounted for. We counsel that these stay in residing indefinitely.

5. Migrating a Web page One day of a Phased Web Initiating

You is seemingly to be though-provoking your web site from one domain to 1 other as outlined above, but attributable to venture constraints, you is seemingly to be the employ of a phased originate come. This kind that you just’re launching the core web site pages in segment one, then a 2d wave of pages in segment two, etc.

In this case, we counsel increasing a phased redirect map. All URLs from your veteran domain needs to be accounted for, and a redirect outlined for every segment.

For segment one, that you just can perhaps question to implement 301 redirects for the total pages that would per chance be accounted for on the sleek web site. You can perhaps furthermore add 302 redirects for all diversified pages, most ceaselessly to the sleek web site’s homepage. This could perhaps forestall customers searching for to consult with your veteran domain from receiving a 404 error, without advanced engines like google by having your pages without warning redirect to reputedly inappropriate assert material.

As you originate every segment, you would peaceful update your redirects, replacing your 302s with 301s because the counterpart assert material becomes readily within the market.

As soon as more, these redirects needs to be utilized such that they’re served from your veteran domain.

The Distinction Between a 301 Redirect vs. a 302 Redirect

301 redirects are eternal, whereas 302 redirects are momentary. A 301 is frail when a page has permanently changed web site, and a 302 needs to be frail as soon as you intend to switch the page attend below the accepted URL in due direction.

In general, you would peaceful question to employ 301 redirects to your web site. Nonetheless, there are a few conditions as soon as you would are wanting to employ a 302, as an different, including:

  • You is seemingly to be the employ of a phased web site originate thought.
  • You is seemingly to be redirecting customers as segment of functionality where SEO doesn’t observe, equivalent to login gateways or e-commerce checkouts.
  • You is seemingly to be the employ of a momentary holding page, and procedure no longer are wanting to confuse engines like google or harm your search engine rankings by signaling that you just’re permanently redirecting your detailed, rich assert material to an empty holding page.

301 Redirect Mistakes to Retain a long way from

Now that you just perceive the importance of the 301 redirect, we are going to review frequent steps within the course of to manufacture advantageous you don’t manufacture a mistake that would adversely impact your web site’s SEO.

1. Environment up a 302 redirect between variations of your domains.

301 redirects point the vitality of inbound hyperlinks from one URL to 1 other, and even supposing it can perhaps no longer inspect respect it, http://weblog.hubspot.com and weblog.hubspot.com are two diversified URLs. Be advantageous that you just house up a 301 redirect from all the diversified iterations of your label’s domain to spice up your search engine results.

2. Environment up a 301 redirect after increasing a sleek page.

Back in 2010, Toys ‘R Us purchased the toys.com domain without constructing a 301 redirect first, and their sleek web site’s SEO results plummeted attributable to it became as soon as re-crawled by Google as a label-sleek domain without inbound hyperlinks from the accepted Toys ‘R Us domain pointing to it. Guarantee to house up the 301 redirect earlier than migrating your web site assert material so your web site would no longer lose web site visitors within the course of.

3. The usage of a 302 redirect within the direction of assert material migration.

Unless you are quickly migrating your web site’s assert material while updating or repairing your web site, employ a 301 redirect to take the inbound hyperlinks and your search rankings while making adjustments to your domain.

4. Having redirects link to outdated assert material.

For these that don’t house up redirects from the older internal hyperlinks to your web site (equivalent to a link to your company weblog to your homepage), that you just can perhaps procedure a imperfect user abilities for web site company who click on on these older, no longer-directed hyperlinks. The veteran internal link will at last kick over to the sleek domain, but it absolutely could perhaps pick several seconds or mask a white mask for the time being.

5. Redirect a page with a advantageous intent than the destination page.

That is seemingly to be a scoot with upright organization and file-keeping, but make certain you are redirecting to the coolest pages. To illustrate, you wouldn’t are wanting to redirect a user taking a explore your homepage to your weblog page.

Keeping this transition refined will make a contribution to SEO being loyal, and could perhaps lead to more elated company to your web site.

Whether or no longer you are all for overhauling all assert material in a web site migration, or you are excellent refurbishing some outdated on-line pages, 301 redirects support. For these that are planning out this sleek stage, bid incorporating them to your venture; your SEO won’t pick a dive and placement company will proceed to search out the practical assert material they’re taking a explore.

Other Kinds of Redirects

There are diversified forms of redirect too, including:

1. 302 – Briefly Moved

This capabilities nearly identically to a 301 redirect. In this instance, alternatively, we’re acknowledging that the switch is momentary. For a user, this makes no shining distinction, but for a search engine the message is evident — don’t wretchedness about ranking this sleek page, as it won’t be around for lengthy. Follow the employ of the veteran one, this could perhaps be attend.

2. Meta Refresh, or Javascript Redirects

That is diversified from the old two approaches. The page will load most ceaselessly with a 200 – OK reputation code. Then, a script runs on the page that strikes the user onto one other page.

There is seemingly to be advantageous edge conditions when here’s the appropriate shining choice, but most ceaselessly you would peaceful assign a long way from this come. It is a long way no longer associated to SEO finest practices and most ceaselessly can provide an advanced user abilities.

Addressing Interior 404 Errors

Your SEO or web personnel could perhaps want identified some broken hyperlinks to your web site. In this case, or no longer it is finest observe to procedure a 301 redirect to forward customers from the broken URL thru to a suitable helpful resource — one which is mainly congruent with the piece of assert material they were looking ahead to to search out.

Nonetheless, you would peaceful furthermore inspect to update the offending hyperlinks to reward the sleek URL, as wisely. Having a web site that relies on 301 redirects for internal navigation is no longer the appropriate observe.

Addressing 404 Errors Reported in Google Search Console

In most cases, that you just can perhaps behold Google Search Console reporting 404 pages that you just don’t even link to internally. So where procedure these advance from?

Google Search Console populates its “Coverage” part from every procedure of sources. In most cases the URLs are merely ones that it has viewed earlier than on a old incarnation of your web site, or it is a long way going to absorb to want viewed an exterior link on some diversified web site.

Your mindset needs to be that if Google has viewed this URL earlier than, a user could perhaps want as wisely. They are able to absorb it saved as a bookmark, or absorb it written down in an electronic mail, or on a third-salvage collectively web site, and they’d perhaps peaceful peaceful click on on it. That being the case, you respect to need to make advantageous these customers receive the optimum user abilities, so you would peaceful strive to procedure 301 redirects to push these customers to a suitable piece of assert material that is mainly congruent with the piece of assert material they were looking ahead to to search out.

Don’t hasten away your veteran hyperlinks hanging — employ a 301.

301 redirects are vitally main for declaring a healthy web site. They support a core function in signaling to both customers and engines like google when your web site assert material strikes and adjustments, and verify that as your web presence evolves, your user lunge stays clear and logical, and your visibility in engines like google is preserved between iterations.

Guarantee to get to grips with imposing redirects to your fresh web site atmosphere. Then, test your web site’s SEO energy — moreover tempo, mobile-friendliness, and security — with our free Web page Grader.

Editor’s Be aware: This put up became as soon as first of all revealed in December 2010 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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