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Why Free SEO Audit for Small Business?

Our free SEO audit unravels problems that many small businesses have with online visibility and selling online. You will learn reasons your website is not ranking for your keywords of choice.

The cheapest and most sustainable online channel for small business to consistently sell online is Search Engine Optimization.

We will show you the right keywords to rank for in other to rank higher in Google Search results.

We follow SEO best practices for ranking web pages on top Google search results purely based on proven white HAT SEO strategy.

What Free SEO Audit Report Entails?

From the Free SEO Audit report, you will get:

  1. Leakages on your website that make you lose web traffic and new leads.
  2. Techical SEO problems preventing you from topping search results.
  3. Cheap (though effective) strategy to increase website credibility.
  4. Keyword opportunities to rank higher for relevant queries.
  5. Analysis of your top competitors in organic search.


Free SEO Audit fro Small Business -Testimonials
Free SEO Audit fro Small Business -Testimonials

Within 3 Months Pulse Nigeria:
Increased ORGANIC TRAFFIC by 33%
Increased NEW USERS to site by 31%
Reduced Site BOUNCE RATE by 1.9%

O. Yetunde

Marketing Manager

Free SEO Audit fro Small Business -Testimonials

Within 3 Months, ZUMI Nigeria:
Increased ORGANIC TRAFFIC by 500%
Increased BACK LINKS to site by 1600%
Increased No of RANKING KEYWORDS to over 1500

A. Adedayo


Free SEO Audit fro Small Business -Testimonials

Within 3 Months, SAFSMS:
Increased ORGANIC TRAFFIC by 20.3%
Reduced Site BOUNCE RATE by 20%
Increased No. of RANKING KEYWORDS by 60%

F. Bashir


Got questions on how to get found
and sell more online?

How SEO for Small Business Work?

As the best SEO expert for small business in Nigeria, these are some of the things our SEO strategy employs to help you get found, generate leads and sell online more than you ever thought you could:

Technical SEO

After thorough though free SEO audit of your website, we will fix Technical SEO problems we find. These issues majorly cause Google to crawl, index and display a lot of websites.

You cannot solve Technical SEO problems by gut feeling, guess work or how ‘we Used to do it’.. It requires deep knowledge of web development and use of SEO tools.

Some of the most common Technical SEO problems we help small business solve include:  

  1. Robots.txt
  2. XML Sitemap
  3. Site Load Speed
  4. Noindex tag

Keyword Research

In order to choose keywords with relatively good search volume and level of competition, we do the following among other things:

  1. Identify keywords to compete for
  2. Study competitors' ranking keywords
  3. Learn from top relevant pages in search

Fre SEO Audit for Small Business Work -Keyword Ranking 002
EXAMPLE: One of the Keywords We Currently Rank for

On-page SEO  

We strategically use carefully selected set of keywords across your pages and posts in the following steps:

  1. Optimize existing pages for keywords
  2. Creating new pages for ranking opportunities

SEO Blogging

Effectiveness of SEO for small business heavily relies on how well you can use your blog not to only add fresh content to make Google crawl your site but to also add enough value gain trust and followership from your target audience.

How SEO for Small Business Work -Keyword Ranking 001

EXAMPLE: One of Our Top Ranking Blog Posts

Every successful SEO blogging strategy entails:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content (ideas) Plan
  3. Organic Distribution
  4. Content Amplification

Link Building

With our SEO strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all in link building for clients’ websites. We do intensive link profile audit to know existing quantity and quality of back links to the site followed by:

  1. Video Linking
  2. Directory Listing
  3. Infographics Listing
  4. Listing on Niche Sites

How SEO for Small Business Work -Link Building Example 001

EXAMPLE: Some of Organic Back Links to Our Site