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Google examined 10,000 performance review observations and came up with a statistically derived ideal manager profile called 8 Behaviours for Great Managers. There is so much you can learn from your HR data analytics.



Most times when we talk about applied data, the popular topics are marketing, budgeting and planning. But with the significant impact that employee engagement has on productivity and profitability, talent analytics deserves some attention too. 

Talent Analytics basically means collecting and analyzing data relating to human resources in order to learn how to improve performance of employees and overall company’s productivity.

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Why Should You Consider Talent Analytics?

  • To rid your HR processes of guesswork and gut feelings
  • To attract the most suitable talents based on existing performances
  • To measure effectiveness of current HR initiatives and its impact on bottomline
  • To create or adopt people management model that best suits your growth plan or trajectory (eg: Google)

What Type of HR Data Should You Collect?

  • Recruitment -Headcount, Demographics, Average Recruitment Duration, Acceptance Rate, Cost per Hire, Time to Productivity, New-Hire Turnover.
  • Engagement & Retention -Employee Satisfaction, Total Turnover Rate, Talent Turnover Rate, Retention Rate per Manager.
  • Value & Performance -Revenue per Employee, Performance & Potential, Company Performance, etc.

What are the top affordable Talent Analytics tools?

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