Lagos Digital Summit 2019 Press Release

Lagos Digital Summit 2019 Is Upon Us!

Lagos Digital Summit is going down in 3 days’ time. Who will be there? Let’s link up and get talking.

Why Attend Lagos Digital Summit 2019?

Following the success of the second edition in 2018, Mustardels Media, a Lagos-based digital marketing firm, is set to host the 2019 edition of the Lagos Digital Summit (LDS), a convergence of digital communication experts, professionals and enthusiasts for the development of their businesses and the attainment of their various aims and objectives.

Who Organized Lagos Digital Summit?

Organised in collaboration with Expoze Nigeria, a renowned digital marketing company, the summit, themed “Leveraging Digital Innovation & Story Telling”, will focus on the use of digital tools for storytelling and how founders as well as managers can ensure the relevance and profitability in a fast-evolving digital world would hold on Friday 22nd November 2019 at The Zone Tech Park, Gbagada Lagos by 10:00 am.

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“Our aim is to contribute to the development of entrepreneurs and businesses in Nigeria using digital as a tool, and we have identified LDS as one of the avenues to help us achieve that. The support received for the last two editions has spurred us to organise this third edition” said Wale Adetona, Convener of the Summit, and a partner of Mustardels Media.

“We have received more than one thousand registrations so far and we look forward to welcoming everybody as we are set to make their attendance worthwhile through engaging discussions, valuable insights and transformative ideas that would emerge from the summit.” Adewale added.

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What to Expect at the Summit?

Lagos Digital Summit 2019 Order of Program & Speakers

Read up the press release on the company’s website.

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