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From Brick Game, Super Mario, ‘Shekere Football’ to intelligent Africa-themed mobile video games, Africa is the fastest growwing market for startups and game developers, ahead of Asia, Europe and America. Learn more.

Haroun Yasser Sangaré, Mercy Edukugho-Aminah and I worked on the prospects of the fast growing gaming industry across Africa as part of our Investor Accelerator program at Dream VC. These are some interesting findings:

1. Since the 2020 lockdown, more African women have taken to playing games (especially on their mobile phones) as the percentage of female gamers has risen from 20% to almost 50%.

2. Funding for game developers is currently on the rise in Africa, notably through alternative funding like Diverse Game Developers Fund, African Game Developer Prototype Fund, etc.

3. Increased penetration of the Internet, 5G, VR, Cloud, Streaming, Cryptocurrency, E-sports are among the emerging forces influencing the rapid adoption of gaming for entertainment, leisure, sports and commerce across Africa.

Learn more about the evolution of Africa’s Gaming market since 2020 pandemic in the A Case for Gaming in Africa research.

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