SEO Tools for Small Business: Tips for Website to Show in Organic Search

SEO tools for small business abound on the Internet, choosing one that will tell you exactly why your website is not ranking is harder than hard itself.

I have reviewed quite a bunch of websites with SEO tools but I will be using seositecheckup to reveal reasons why most business do not get seen in Google search at all in this piece.

Google images are not the only reason your website is not showing in many more search results, but if you optimize your images for organic search, traffic to your website will turn a new leaf.  

Among SEO tools that every small business owner should learn to use, seositecheckup is paramount because of how simple and straightforward it is.

Yeah, keeping it simple and straightforward. KISSS?

The PDF report that seositecheckup generates makes it classy to use, as you can easily use it to pitch client or tell stakeholders why SEO strategy deserves handsome investment at any point in time.

After screening SEO tools to use for this review, I started looking over the Internet for a website that will be my scapegoat. Mike Horev’s came in handy.

We shall see with our eyes why many small business websites do not show in search results. despite they contain information relevant to search terms. renders effective SEO services to small businesses both in Canada and across the world. It makes a great case study because it truly represents the meaning of SEO as a website.

This is it.

Your darling SEO company can run their routine SEO services on your website and you won’t still be as visible as you should be in Google search. I am not saying they don’t know their onions.

Many a SEO services provider miss this part, truth be told. Whose problem it is, I do not know. But I will show you the solution now. That’s what matters.

First, do technical SEO audit of your website with seositecheckup or any other SEO tools. Why?

The fear of technical SEO is the beginning of wisdom in Digital marketing. The lurking danger in not resolving technical SEO is that everything will look great but the desired results won’t just come through.

There will be less organic traffic, which means you have to keep paying to generate traffic. If a small business has to pay through the nose to consistently get more leads all year round, then there is real big trouble.

How to do SEO, technical SEO audit precisely?

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SEO tools for small business -seositecheckup
SEO tools for small business -seositecheckup

Technical SEO audit report of your website is what you will get from this. The report will show why search engines do not display your website, or some particular pages in search results.

If you Google search specifically what is on your website and your website does not show in search results, how do you feel? Hope not heartbroken.

You can find and fix technical SEO problems making your website not to show in search results from now on.

SEO Tools for Small Business: Title Tag and Meta Description Tag

Page Title Tag is a major ranking factor. Fill Title Tag for every web page on your website and ensure no two web pages have exactly the same content, to avoid confusing search engines.

SEO tools for small business -Page Title Tag, Meta Description Tag
SEO tools for small business -Page Title Tag, Meta Description Tag

Meta Description Tag is used to further explain your Title Tag. Use this to summarize your USP in 165 characters.

Meta Description is a not organic ranking factor in search results. But, it boosts click through rate (CTR), if optimized. Don’t what to write in here?

Simply write why a prospect should do business with you. FULL STOP.

SEO Tips on Page Title Tag and Meta Description Tag

As seen in, here are tips to optimize Title Tag and Meta Description Tag:

  • Use preferred keyword in Title Tag, URL and Meta Description
  • Use major keyword at least once in Page Title
  • Re-use keyword in Meta Description alongside keyword suggestions or relevant terms
  • Homepage Title Tag and Meta Description should talk majorly about your website/business
  • Title Tag and Meta Description Tag for other web pages should be unique and optimized for keyword
  • Use Yoast SEO plugin to optimize Page Title and Meta Description

SEO Tools for Small Business: Keyword Usage

Keyword can be over-used and it does not determine ranking as much as it used to be. But search engines ascertain the relevance of a web page to search terms by considering frequently words used on a web page.

To avoid penalty for keyword stuffing, re-use major keywords a few times alongside other keyword suggestions and relevant terms on page.

SEO tools for small business -Onpage keyword usage
SEO tools for small business -Onpage keyword usage

SEO Tips on Keyword Usage

As seen in, here are tips on keyword usage:

  • Combine different keyword types such as short tail, long tail and question keywords
  • Break content down into simple sentences in paragraphs
  • Use major keywords at least once in most paragraphs
  • Avoid trying to optimize for many keywords on a page

SEO Tools for Small Business: Heading Tags

Heading tags are used to explain the hierarchy of information contained in your content to search engines.

Should you have examples, analogy, sub-categories and categories within your content, use heading tags to explain how you arrange them to search engines.

SEO tools for small business -heading tag
SEO tools for small business -heading tag

SEO Tips on Heading Tags

As seen in, here are tips on heading tags

  • Heading tags are from H1 to H6
  • H1 tag is mostly used for Title
  • H2 tag works best for first paragraph
  • If you use H3 for category, use H4 for sub category
  • Make sure heading tags align in descending or ascending order

SEO Tools for Small Business: Robots.txt File and XML Sitemap

SEO tools for small business -Robots.text file, Sitemap
SEO tools for small business -Robots.text file, Sitemap

Robots.txt is a file kept at the root of your website. It is used to explain sections of your website to different types of crawlers. It uses protocol called Robot Exclusion Standard to to crawlers to exclude your web server and other sections.

Robots.txt can become a reason for your website not to show in search results if ‘User Agent’ is set to ‘Disallow’. Sometimes, coding mistakes like mis-use of * and / in the Robots.txt file.

SEO Tips on Robots.txt file

Check Robots.txt file with: ‘URL/robots.txt’

SEO tools for small business robots
SEO tools for small business robots

XML Sitemap is meant to update search crawlers on new pages and posts added to your website. Search crawlers easily navigate web pages referenced in a functional XML SItemap.

Your website will definitely show in search results if you have not yet created and submitted your XML Sitemap to Google. BUT, some important web pages may not get crawled and ranked.

To avoid the risk in keeping some critical web pages from being crawled, indexed and displayed in search results, create, submit and always update your website XML Sitemap today.  

SEO Tips on XML Sitemap

Check XML Sitemap with ‘URL/sitemap.xml’

SEO tools for small business sitemap
SEO tools for small business sitemap

SEO Tools for Small Business: Google Images

Images are critical web content for driving organic ranking and traffic to a web page. Some keywords may prove literarily impossible for your website to rank for. But, if you optimize images on your web pages and within your content, you stand a good chance of ranking for such keywords via Google Images,

SEO tools for small business -Google Images

SEO tools for small business -Google Images

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SEO Tips on Google Images

These are tips to optimize images for search:

  • Use Keyword in filename for saving image
  • Use keyword in image alt text within your CMS
  • Explain what image is about with Caption and Description

These are few of technical SEO problems which prevent website or certain important web pages from showing in search results. If you could find and fix these SEO problems, you will definitely see improvement in organic traffic to your website.

In case you need me to explain how to use one SEO tool or the other, please use the comment box below. I have a couple of SEO tools to explore like seositecheckup, so hang around for more insights into getting better ranking in organic search plus plenty traffic.


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