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Content Marketing ROI: 5 Inspiring Content Marketing Case Studies with Amazing Results!

Content Marketing ROI is a popular headache among CMOs, marketers in general. After reading this piece by Stefan Debois from marketo, you will have a better idea of how to pitch Content Marketing in such a way that results will Read more

Sell more with google my business listing

Google My Business Listing: Three Ways You Can Sell More for Free

GOOGLE My Business has been around for a while, but many business owners don’t seem to know they can see use its interesting features to sell more for free. What if I show you how to take booking directly from Read more

SEO for YouTube Videos -tips to grow your channel

SEO for YouTube Videos: Tips to Grow Your Channel

SEO for YouTube videos is one  easily accessible arsenal that most marketers are not tapping into at the moment. A lot of marketing funds is going into making and promoting videos worldwide, but a lot of people are yet to Read more

Digital Marketing Jobs -skills you need

Digital Marketing Jobs: 7 Skills You Need in 2018

Digital marketing jobs are not only the new cool, in Nigeria and across the world, but also the magic wand that have been differentiating future-oriented companies from the ones who are stuck with how things have been done since day Read more

social media app stats for digital campaign

100 Amazing Social Media App Statistics for Digital Campaign in 2018

Social media app advertising has taken the front row in online advertising for few years now. And, that can be blamed on obtainable demographic information or raw data of social network platform users; as I like to call it. It Read more

how to start a blog -why start a blog

How to Start a Blog: Why Small Business Needs Blogging

How to start a blog was thoroughly dealt with in one of my recent posts. But, most of the questions I came across thereafter was why should a businesses invest in blogging. Ordinarily, business blog is a marketing asset, just Read more

Digital marketing tools for small business

Digital Marketing Tools for Small Business in Nigeria

Digital marketing tools help your content and campaign with actionable metrics, insights that you can use to measure the performance of your marketing activities against your budget, against competition, at the same see how decipher how you are relatively fairing Read more

Digital Marketing Trends 2017 feat image

Digital Marketing Trends 2017: Insights into What’s Working for Successful Brands

These are Digital Marketing Trends 2017 that are really making sense. A handful of Trends were predicted to shape audience engagement, lead generation and conversions for businesses in 2017. Some of the predicted Digital Marketing Trends have lived up to the Read more

email marketing list building

Email Marketing: How I Built Email List of Over 7,000 Subscribers

Email Marketing has been a lifesaver for me in recent months, though I don’t like writing about it. I feel Email Marketing as a topic is quite exhausted and don’t see anything fresh to talk about in it. But, each Read more