5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better Than Others

5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better Than Others

Wondering what successful salespeople do better than average sales guy?

These are 5 things to learn and master, if you want to succeed in selling anything. Anything at all!

1. Successful Salespeople Sell Value at Scale.

What is Value?

Value is a construct, a perception in buyer’s mind not necessarily the reality. Price may be fixed but value is subjective and Customer determines what is valuable to them.

Since buying decisions are based on PERCEIVED value, successful salespeople communicate value the best way customer can comprehend.

2. Successful salespeople master 5 PILLARS of COMMUNICATION.

These are pillars of communication you must master in order to succeed in sales:

  1. Visibility: People buy from who they know, how do you gain visibility?
  2. Language: Speak the language of the problem because ONLY ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THE PROBLEM CAN BE TRUSTED TO SOLVE IT.
  3. Conviction: Sell first to yourself. Yeah? If you are not SOLD, you can’t SELL.
  4. Relationship: Building relationship in sales is like investing in an emotional bank. Don’t just sell, build bridges.
    Personality: What are your personal values? What are your after sales values?
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3. Successful Salespeople Have Excellent Attitude towards Sales.

Develop excellent Sales Mastermind by answering these 5 questions:

  1. What do you believe about yourself?
  2. What are your personal values?
  3. How much do you like others?
  4. How do you perceive customer rejection?
  5. Rate your selling ability: Are you Best Ever, Exceptional, Good, Average, or Below Average?

5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better than Others

4.  Successful Salespeople Master Are Always Prospecting.

This Is How Successful Salespeople handle prospecting better than others:

  1. They differentiate activity from productivity because activity takes 90 days to pay off.
  2. They fill their pipelines consistently.
  3. They do not ignore phone calls, no matter what the situation is.
  4. They differentiate prospects from opportunities by qualify or scoring their leads.
  5. They prospect value one-on-one not via anonymous bulk emails or SMS.
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5. Successful Salespeople Get out of Obscurity.

These are steps taken by successful salespeople to get out of obscurity:

  1. Always networking.
  2. Positioning themselves as subject matter experts.
  3. Creating value Online.
  4. Generate leads via referrals from existing customers.
  5. Prospecting by Categories.

Culled from: Sales Masterclass by Salesruby.

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