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Small Business Tax In Nigeria, 5 Things You Must to Know

Small business tax in Nigeria is compulsory, in as much as your business derives value from here. To avoid inevitable legal troubles,  these are 5 things you must know about paying tax as a small business owner in Nigeria. 1. Read more

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Sources of Business Ideas: Best Ways to Form Small Business Ideas

Thought to share these smart sources of business idea you can explore in 2019. Should you want to start a side gig this or you want a small business that could make you self-employed and help employ other, there are Read more

5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better Than Others

5 Things Successful Salespeople Do Better Than Others

Wondering what successful salespeople do better than average sales guy? These are 5 things to learn and master, if you want to succeed in selling anything. Anything at all! 1. Successful Salespeople Sell Value at Scale. What is Value? Value Read more

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WhatsApp Business: 5 Creative Ways to Get Closer and Personal with Customers

WhatsApp Business is an Android app which helps businesses interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages. Do you need a free online tool to get closer to your customers and prospects? These Read more

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Small Business Ideas in Nigeria for 2019: Make above 250K Monthly

You need small business ideas in Nigeria to start a side hustle or build company of your own? You are tired of job hunting and you want to start your own business?  These are small business ideas you can start in Read more

Events in Google History: 20 Significant Moments at 20 Years as a Company

Here are 20 major events in Google history as the Search Engine giant clocked 20 recently. 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin start to show investors their novel search engine, initially called  BackRub, which ranks search results based on links Read more

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Google Page Speed Insights: How to Make Website Rank Higher in Mobile Search

Google Page Speed has been a search ranking factor for months now. Hope you know!!! If you are still putting up with slow website, it is time to go MAD (Make A Difference) because the fear of slow website is Read more

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5 Best SEO Tips for Local Business to Make More Sales

These are the best SEO tips for local business that could help your location-based or service-rendering business make more sales online. Do you run location-based business that require customers to walk in to buy? Do you render consulting services or other form Read more

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Get Free Website Audit to Know Why Your Website Desnt Show in Google

SEO audit, also known as website audit, is the beginning of effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. How about free SEO Audit for your website? SEO Audit helps you unravel technical SEO and on-page issues you need to fix on Read more

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Google Dataset Search Engine Launched to Provide Detailed Insights on Selected Topics.

Google Dataset Search Engine Launched to Provide Detailed Insights on Selected Topics. Instagram Dives into e-Commerce with a Rumoured Shopping App, Google Chrome Address Bar Now Shows Search Results, Facebook User Engagement Declines by 42%. Here is my recap of what Read more