WhatsApp Hacks: 5 Ways You Can Manage Time and Data

WhatsApp is one of the most useful apps on my phone today, though unsolicited messages and people snooping around you may sometimes be annoying.

If you often get added to groups without prior notice or by people you don’t even know, I have a trick for you.  These are 5 WhatsApp hacks to keep your phone sane. Here we go:

1. Answering with Voice without VN. 

Sometimes you need to reply to a message like 2 minutes ago and you don’t have the time to type. Hold down the microphone icon next to camera icon and speak. When you are done talking, release the icon.

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WhatsApp Hacks: 5 Ways You Can Manage Time and Data

2. Bookmarking Important Messages. 

When you get important messages you would like to read again later, you can ‘star’ it. There is a dedicated ‘folder’ on WhatsApp where you can find your starred messages. 

WhatsApp Hacks: 5 Ways You Can Manage Time and Data

Press and hold down the message as if you want to reply, tap ‘Star’. Check under Settings for Starred messages. 

3. Choose Who Can Add You to Groups.

Yes, you can determine who can add you a groups and who cannot. How? Go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Groups. Choose a category of people who are permitted to add you to group conversations. 

WhatsApp Hacks: 5 Ways You Can Manage Time and Data

4. Find Out Who Uses Your Data the Most. 

Maybe there is a group or contact who sends you much files and you don’t even realize the person silently gulps your data. You can find out and do the needful. 

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WhatsApp Hacks: 5 Ways You Can Manage Time and Data

How? Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage. Scroll down to Storage Usage. You will list of contacts based on how your interaction with them consumes your data. Deal with it!

5. Keep Messages from Loved Ones on top.

Guess you don’t know you can keep messages from your loved ones ahead of other usual chats. If you are dead busy type with loads of messages buzzling every second. Finding messages from people who really care about may become a hard task. 

You don’t always need to scroll all the way down, if you pin their chats. How? Search for the person’s last chat, swipe to the right. There is ‘Pin’ icon. Tap it and you will start doing well. 

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Hope these tricks help you keep your Whatsapp in check. 

Got other tricks? Please share.


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