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B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Consultant in Nigeria

Content Krush Is the best B2B lead generation consulting firm in Nigeria. We help clients build qualified lead sheet from LinkedIn, Crunchbase and social media.

We study customer journeys, qualify prospects and fill your sales pipeline with warm leads. B2B companies, SMEs, startups and SaaS platforms that want to consistently fill their sales pipeline with warm leads must first create a scalable sales funnel, then continuously build visibility across targeted channels, create awareness and demand from clearly-defined prospects. We are all you need to generate more and more leads.

Why B2B Lead Generation Consultant?

Lead generation is a core part of growth strategy for every business that is interested in driving consistent and reliable revenue. Companies use a variety of sales and marketing tactics to generate leads but working with us saves you time, costs and helps you scale user acquisition and revenue growth. Our lead generation strategy is driven by engaging content, research, audience intelligence and value-adding email outreach that will warm up leads for engagement with your business.

Struggling to Grow Your Business? Let's Help You Analyze Your Marketing Funnel and Identify Leakages in Your Growth Strategy Today.

B2B Lead Generation Consultant in Nigeria

B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Target Audience Profiling

Before embarking on B2B lead generation, we will work with you to identify ideal buyers for your product, services or offerings. We analyze existing customers' profiles (demography, company, industry, job title, etc) to clarify their persona.

Lead Qualification

This requires in-depth research to identify prospects who are willing, ready and can afford to buy from you. Our lead qualification approach uses B.A.N.T framework to ascertain budget, authority, need and timing respectively.

Sale Funnel Development

After identifying your ideal buyers, we will ascertain how random web visitors become your paying customers. This will help us create a scalable funnel from point of brand discovery to consideration, sales, advocacy and repeat purchases.

Lead Outreach

Our lead outreach emails communicate value succinctly such that leads begin to see you as a solution provider and not some business driving hard sell. We help you win leads that will take ownership of your engagement with their business.

Benefits of B2B Lead Generation

We do the heavy lifting in your lead generation process so you can talk to prospects who are willing and ready to buy. Our leads and appointments are easily closed because we would have established the need, budget and value for your clients. 

Sales and marketing are some of the fields with the highest employee turnovers globally, recruiting and managing in-house teams requires loads of effort, time and resources. That is why working with us as your B2B lead generation consultant will help you save time and overhead costs while you focus on building the best products and delivering awesome experiences.

Because we do the research, lead prospecting and email outreach on your behalf, you will save money on tools you would have bought for your sales team members which can be a significant amount.

We use lead generation tools and strategy that will report leads and feedback in a measurable manner. This will help evaluate effectiveness of your business model, marketing funnel, lead magnets, turn around time, win rate, and cost per acquisition which is great for scaling the growth of your business as well as make data-driven decisions for the future.